Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer (Watermelon Burst)

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Reap The Benefits Of Plant Powered Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Elongtress Hair Growth Enhancer is fancy for a reason! Our unique formula contains a blend of castor oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil and our own blend of essential oils that have been shown to assist hair growth. Used regularly, the oil revitalizes weak, dry damaged hair keeping it hydrated for longer while also keeping the scalp supple and moisturized.

Discover the power of plant oils. Elongtress fancy oils are made with all natural plant oils and essential oils that help speed up hair growth and help with hair loss. With 4 fabulous fragrances to choose from our oils contain a blend of essential oils that have been shown in studies to be helpful in regrowing hair.

Scent: A lush jewel like scent of watermelon and fresh apple that enhances the essential oils.

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Elongtress oil is highly effective in preventing hair breakage. It is professionally made with unique nutritional oils that support hair growth.


Studies involving castor oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and cedarwood oil have ALL shown that they can help promote hair growth and reverse hair loss. Elongtress oil contains a mixture of all of these.


Very active in producing supple healthy hair and scalp. It will moisturize hair with vital active oils that solve the problem of slow hair growth.


Best quality ingredients were utilized in producing Elongtress oil including Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil), Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Parfum (Fragrance), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil), Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint Essential Oil), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Essential Oil) and Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood Essential Oil). 


Unlike other chemical laden products, Elongtress oil is an all natural hair product that has no side effects on your body.


And because it matters to us that you succeed in your journey towards longer healthier hair, you get a FREE Ebook with every purchase of your Elongtress Fancy Oil! In it, you learn in detail how to grow long hair and the regimen you must follow in order to achieve your goal while using Elongtress Fancy Oil. 

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  1. Patrice B

    I have several bottles of castor oil, which is a wonderful oil for health and beauty. I used this product as a hot oil treatment before shampooing and my hair came even softer and shinier than it usually does. I just came in out of the rain and my hair did not frizz up at all. I mostly use castor oil for my boyfriend’s eczema and for any itchiness I experience, and also for body aches. Castor oil works well to relieve both problems. However, because of the small size of this bottle, I will reserve it for beauty uses like hot oil treatments, applying to split ends at night, and applying to eyebrows and eyelashes at night. Nature Ace is tops. Their weight loss tea tastes out of this world. They stick to the best ingredients.
    ***I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review***

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  2. Mrs. JustMe

    This oil is way to thick to apply to my hair as a leave in conditioner, however it makes a great hot oil type treatment for my hair instead. I apply it to the roots of my hair and brush it to the ends. I usually let it sit in my hair for an hour before washing and could leave it in over night too to let the oily goodness penetrate deeper into your hair shaft. This oil washes out easily from my hair as well leaving behind no residue at all after one washing. I noticed that my hair felt noticeably different while rinsing and an even bigger difference while damp and combing through my hair.
    The watermelon smell is pretty strong with this oil, but not too overwhelming or sickly sweet. I tried to use a small amount to combat frizziness, but this oil is just too heavy and thick for my hair and it looked greasy and weighed down, even with an extremely small amount. I have not used this product long enough to see any hair growth, nor do I think I will use it in a consistent manner to see new hair growth specifically from this bottle fo product. I do not buy or use products based solely on their claims or promised of faster and thicker hair. I use the product based on what yummy ingredients my skin and hair need to be fully nourished and healthy. Proper nutrition and hydration is the best way to grow your hair!
    I received this Elongtress Fancy Oil Hair Growth Enhancer by Coils Media LTD at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  3. Inspire

    This stuff is great! I I use the serum and the shampoo. I got it because my crown area was so thin. Now my hair is fuller and longer. It’s a bit out of control. I am African american and my hair is unprocessed. I blow dry and flat iron it straight. Now my edges and crown are so full, I cannot keep my roots straight. I received this product at a discount for my honest review but I will definitely be buying again!!

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  4. dorii

    smells delicious very light on the hair ,doesn’t weigh it down and provides a great sheen .the free e-book was useful I learned a few things to add to my hair regime.given at a discount for my honest review.

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  5. Tosha

    Very satisfied with this product. This oil came in a 4.22 fluid ounce brown plastic bottle with a pump. This hair growth enhancer oil has a somewhat thick consistency. The hair growth enhancer oil ingredients consist of Ricinus communis(Castor Oi), Vitis Vinifera ( Grape seed oil), Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut Oil), Fragrance, Essential Oil Blends. The scent of the oil that I have received is the watermelon and apple.
    The first thing that I noticed was the smell of this fancy oil. This oil smells absolutely amazing. When I opened the bottle to smell the oil the scent knocked me right in the face. I was blown away when I smelled this fancy oil. This oil smell so dang on good. Next what I liked about the product is the pump, The pump was no an issues it was able to dispense out the oil on the second pump. I have used this oil a couple of times and i did go by the directions on the bottle:Massaging the oil gently in my hair starting at the scalp and working my way down to the length of my hair damp and dry. The direction also state to use it 3-5 days a week or as needed. I will admit I did as needed because I do not want my hair to get clogged up with oil. A little bit of this oil goes along way.This item states that it is suppose to be hair growth enhancer I have not seen that yet but of course I will have to continue to use it to possibly see any results. I do really like this oil not only because of the awesome smell but the fact that this oil has good ingredients. Especially the main ingredient which is castor oil, castor within itself has great benefits for hair in which one them is hair growth. I will surely continue to use this oil in my hair to see if I can see any hair growth. I will also add that I will be purchasing another oil just in a different scent once I am done with this bottle.

    Disclaimer: I did receive this item at a discount for my honest unbiased review, My opinion are of my own into what I experience with this item.

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  6. christina curry

    O let me tell you I was a lil worried about this product . I received it yesterday . right after washing my hair . my hair is super dry . and sucks up oils . like a soda through a straw. I blow dried it like normal . I read the instructions that say . you can use it on wet or dry hair . I said lets put it to the test and try it on my dry hair . with only 2 pumps I put it on my hair and worked it through which was plenty . The smell is pleasant but a bit over powering . you with smell fresh but fruity . any who my phone rang I walked on it for about 25 mins . my husband came home and like always gave me kiss and placed his hand on the back of my neck . and said OMG you hair is so soft . I then start running my fingers through my own head and it true . in all my years my hair has never ever been so soft I am sold on it .I did receive at a discount.But its worth spending the money on . I will be getting this again .and I will not mind paying full price

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  7. SF

    This review is for: Elongtress Fancy Oil – Hair Growth Enhancer (Watermelon Burst) from Elongtress

    Living in Arizona dries out everything from my skin to my hair. Summer’s are brutal on my hair, and swimming a lot in the summer doesn’t help it. I had weight loss surgery over a year and a half ago, and as a consequence, I experienced some serious hair loss, not balding but very thin hair to say the least. I have been taking biotin for over 6 months and my hair is getting its thickness back, but as summer is here, I don’t want to cause damage to it, due to swimming, and how dry it is here. This fancy oil smells so good. I love that I can actually read all of the ingredients by name. The first ingredient is castor oil, which is a very thick oil, so this hair oil is thick. I only use a small amount and start at the ends and work up to my scalp. This has made my hair so soft. I did use too much one time and had a greasy look to my hair, but as long as I don’t overuse this product, my hair does not look greasy. I only was my hair three to four times a week, so I apply this after I get out of the shower on damp hair. I have naturally curly hair, and this holds my curls without frizzing, so I don’t even need to use hairsprays. I received a discount off the price of this fancy oil, and was asked to write a review based off of my experience of using this hair oil. -TheWife-

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  8. Major

    I am pleased with this product. The delivery of this product was exceptionally fast. Over the years my hair has been falling out and becoming very thin. This product has improved the overrall quality of my hair. I love the fragrance in this product. It left my hair feeling full of body, shiny, and not (heavy) as it was drench in oil. The enchaner is very light. This product contains coconut oil which was plus for me purchasing it. To find a product that has castor oil and coconut oil all in one was a plus for me. I was able to receive this product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion

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  9. Lifelong Shopper

    I ordered two of the fragrant olis. The order arrived on time. When it was applied to my hair, it was obvious that it was going to become a staple. My dry hair became moist, but not greasy. It’s only been less than a week since I began using the hair growth enhancer along with the Elongtress vitamins with biotin. The only complaint is that I cannot determine if the eBook was sent to me. I’ve also sent an email to company website and have not received a response. That’s why only 4 stars were given at this time.

    Mrs. A. Ruddock

    Hello Lifelong Shopper,

    Thanks for your review. The ebook is usually sent automated as soon as your order is marked as shipped. So sorry that you didn’t receive yours. Please drop us an email at support(at) and I will email you the book straight away.

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