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Nae Nae Ivory

Now that the magic touch!!

Linda Little

So beautiful

Pinkish Blur Starr

edges disappear!

Channan Simmons


Cherea Faith Imani Simpson


Alisha Marie Brice

Her edges are getting pulled and it looks red. Not good

Susan Cartwright


Erica Woodley

Miracles do happen!

Flawless Cleo

What the hell??? Thats amazing!!

Carla Tyner

I too am concerned about her edges, which look strained and extremely dry.

Miriam Cowans


Robin Gant

That before though…

Janice Jones

That’s beautiful.

AlAmisha MishaBoo Jones
AlAmisha MishaBoo Jones

How did you achieve this? My hair is just like this! I cut it to start over! What do i need to do?

Latoshia Gipson

Yes this is beautiful

Tonya Golett-Stone

Location please

Jessica Sulaiman

Looks painful…dem edges look under strain.

Jacci Moore

Real weave magic, looks good.

Lola Marie Cola

Sayyy what?! What type of sorcery is this?

Alania Popchi Reenis

I sure love it

Èka Jantji


Rashalla Writt

Wow that is some magic right there!

Adrienne Johnson

Looks great

Brianna Barksdale

I’ve always wondered how are the different hair textures blended so well?

Judy Moody

Where is this place that is awesome

Dacia Bucknor

P.s most woman I know who wear weaves have a full head of hair they just want variety or simply don’t feel like doing their own hair! Its simple. Its their choice. We should respect it enough not to make them feel bad! Life is not about understanding. Its about acceptance and respect! Respect someone enough to accept their difference without understanding! Its the reason no one can get along because don’t respect each other enough to accept our differences.

Jenalie Tarver

I have thick natural hair and where my weave whenever people just will always have negativity

Khaliah Sherman

Thank you. I wear weave because I’m scared to bleach my natural hair

Shenita Franklin

I am natural as well. I seen a lady bleach her natural…it loosen her curls and she was not happy at all. #Teamnatural 100% forever!

Eboni Deshai

Exactly. I don’t wanna put heat to my hair all the time so that’s why I wear weave.

Britney White

Amen . That’s why I wear mine sometimes

Serena Pearce

Amen to that

Kimberly Harley-White

Brazilian wavy

Trish Jacky

well I be…

Lynnesa Lovettbey


Veronica R Drake

Nice I want

Denesha Hansen

Wow! Talk about transformation!

Josett Phelps

One word. How???????

Tanya Betton


Cheryl Cox

That’s Sooo cute… #giftedhandz

Kholelwa Libongwe

i dont get t hw it is done

Jerrica Blunt

This is very good work. I swear I need to find a new stylist

Fashen Wilson

True skills.

Donna Lipscomb

That Is Very Nice!

Shannon Misanthrope Means


Lisa Mccoy

That is very nice!

Michelle Bovell-Caulfield


Chandra Houston

magic is right

Precious AsIam

MAGIC fa sure….

Meriyah Kerley


MzTiff Tiff


Warnesha Jackson

How sway!???!

April Johnson

Very pretty!

Brenda Brooks-Sims

Wow cute

Rose Belle

But how?

Rose Belle

Lol that’s crazy….that’s a good ass job, poof like magic lol

Jackie Thomas

I want this Riah!