Oh my, the bun’s almost as big as her head!! lovely hair

Oh my - the bun's almost as big as her head - lovely hair


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Danni Shortstacks

I think this hairstyle is about showing the length and body of her hair

Alicia Gordon-Moore

What happened to little black girls wearing ponytails?

Toia Cousar

No. Too grown.

Ruth Jacobs

it’s bigger than her head

Joy A. Norman Tucker

Pretty hair hideous bun

Iluvu-Anaila Marie

Hammer head lol

Nicole Lopez

Grown Lil girls smh

Chrystal Leary

This is ugly…

Glendene Bovell

No like from me, lovely hair, pretty girl….UGGLLEEE STYLE

Pinkiy Chigumbura Tsomondo

Too much for a young girl …..

Bridget Strongs

I need her hair but not for a child

Owens Latonya

This baby got some hair on her little head. Lol

Nakia Jones

Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #sickening

Nissa Jimenez

Ain’t nobody hating jut cause other people think this is not age appropriate and to top it all up it’s stupid … (It has nothing to do with The child) She’s a cutie pie

Jacqueline Willis Harris

Tone the bun down. Other than that, this is a beautiful child.

Adrienne Jones

LOL what sheeeeeshhhh! it is a way too much…if her hair is straighten and nice thick but not as thick as natural hair with thicker hair. Why is her hair bun look bigger than sides? Is it weave?

JackieQueen ButterflyShields

Too much for a child my opinion

Laura Thornton

Taylor, as long as your hair doesn’t look like this. OMG!! Haha

Janet Henry

Let little girls enjoy the time as little girls….too grown up in the way she is dresses. Beautiful hair…but she’s too young.

Shonteeva Downing

Bun bigger then baby.

Jacquelyn Roberts
Jacquelyn Roberts

Thats a bit too much..

Laura Jehue Mabon

She cute

Trina Tillman

Way 2 much…

Sheila Lloyd

She has beautiful, healthy looking hair, but that bun is waayy too much for her little self.

MzTiff Tiff

She cute but her hair is UGLY!

Gorgeouss Lele

Hell naw that girl to big for that

Atoyia Mitchell

her outfit is fine its her hair

Thee Anjel Malone

I’m Just dying to know which one of you adult females would actually wear this style out?

Caroline Maria Sawyer-Anderson

Like the hair and outfit. Love your mom!

Tamika Syders

She got a lot if hair and she cute

Prú Sashà

Smh ppl taking this way too serious . she chose that hair style probably because that way you can see the length and what it looks like in a bun

Gaylene Harris



That$ @ pretty a$$ hairstyle

T l jackson
T l jackson

No… it is toooo much.. too much hair for that style… too much attention being drawn to her and those poses… NO!!

Lucille Jones-Battle

Cutie pie

Rose March

The bun is to big for her head.

Rose March

Yes, she is a cutie pie!

Jackie Stallworth

Nice long hair

Stephanie Starkey

That is so ugly

Connie L Taylor-brown


Pettyson Jené

Aww lil cute pumpkin bun head ????

Irene Shaver

Beautiful hair

Krystal Stafford

The bun to big…but nice hair n she’s a cutie

Marie José Nguegang Lemdja


Desiree Rowe

That’s not cute????!

Patrece Ford

She is beautiful but the bun is to big

Amelia Dixon

Aaaw what a sweetie.