Oh my, the bun’s almost as big as her head!! lovely hair

Oh my - the bun's almost as big as her head - lovely hair



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  1. Nissa Jimenez

    Ain’t nobody hating jut cause other people think this is not age appropriate and to top it all up it’s stupid … (It has nothing to do with The child) She’s a cutie pie

  2. Adrienne Jones

    LOL what sheeeeeshhhh! it is a way too much…if her hair is straighten and nice thick but not as thick as natural hair with thicker hair. Why is her hair bun look bigger than sides? Is it weave?

  3. Janet Henry

    Let little girls enjoy the time as little girls….too grown up in the way she is dresses. Beautiful hair…but she’s too young.

  4. Sheila Lloyd

    She has beautiful, healthy looking hair, but that bun is waayy too much for her little self.

  5. Prú Sashà

    Smh ppl taking this way too serious . she chose that hair style probably because that way you can see the length and what it looks like in a bun

  6. T l jackson

    No… it is toooo much.. too much hair for that style… too much attention being drawn to her and those poses… NO!!

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