Oh my, the bun’s almost as big as her head!! lovely hair

Oh my - the bun's almost as big as her head - lovely hair



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  1. Bjana Henshaw

    All of her hair can go up in bun, all u have to do is tighten it. I have thick hair down my back as well as my siblings and so I can say for a fact that all of her hair can go up in a bun

  2. Aletha Janell

    It’s a shame people have to criticize other children. There’s nothing wrong with her hair or what she’s wearing. It’s a demonstration of how long her hair is and stop having fits about it. It is 2014 not 1964

  3. Bjana Henshaw

    Aletha Janell I dnt think peoples ourrage is directed to the little girl its indirectly to her mother or care giver. We all know she didn’t do that to herself. Also what does the year have to do with anything? Many parents are making their kids grow up too fast and not dressing them, styling them age appropriate.

  4. Brittney Holland

    Now I’m sure Mommy was just playing dress up with the little girl. Surely she didn’t leave the house like this.

  5. Raim Alberto

    This kid is dressed normal for her age, but the hair just doesn’t make any sense. Or you make a bun out of all of it, or you leave it loose.. Her clothes are perfectly FINE!

  6. Jade John

    People need to mind there business. Always have something to say i’m sure her and her mother where just having fun. She is adorable and has beautiful hair. I’m guessing da people dat have something 2 say hasn’t even gt that amount of hair either gt over it lol

  7. Cheria Johnson

    I just hope they teach these pretty lil girls to be humble young woman..nothing cute about a snooty attitude!

  8. Myrtle Githinji

    Beautiful lil girl but that hair style is crazy ugly. Give the child something appropriate for crying out loud!

  9. Theresa Davis

    Jade, that’s the point of social media, people are always going to have something to say. What we all need to practice is agreeing to disagree respectfully.

  10. Shecka Benson

    I wouldn’t put this hairstyle in my daughters hair but I have different taste then whoever combed her hair. I love the the clothes I love how healthy her hair look and I don’t see anything snotty about this baby. SHE IS ADORABLE.

  11. Randa Miller

    They need to stop it they know they wrong for doing that hair style she just a little girl that the problem somepeople think is cute but it not some people don’t realize you create a girl with attitude she little kid please let her grow up have respect for herself and other with this generation now these kids have no respect at all for no one

  12. Titi Ware

    That’s ridiculous, her little head & neck is probably all weighed down. Poor baby

  13. Habibah Abdul-Hakeem

    Nobody reading this has ever played “dress-up” with thier daughter’s, huh? It’s just an obvious illustration to us of how much hair the lil cutie has AND how much work goes into fixing it on a day to day basis! Phew!! Can you imagine having to comb through that before going to work? Lol

  14. Charnel BlackisBeautiful Dotson

    Let her b a child. That style is doin to much. Than woman wonder y there lil Angel r growin up so fast. U pushin them out there. She is a child let her Stay in a child place.

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