Crotchet Braids With Individual Braids Around The Perimetre

Crotchet braids with individual tree braids along the hairline


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Patrice Rice

I love it.

Janashia Mosley

cute !!

Amber Brown

Wish I could but my hair is short

Charlene Jeffers

That bun is super huge.

Khylia Henderson

That’s cute , I’ll have to learn how to do these . Crochet braids

Tee Sitruc

Wow! I remember we used to do this in the 90’s. It’s so cool to see that this is coming back.

Maxine Hunley

Looks nice I would wear that

Brittany Determined Briscoe

looks can be deceiving….i wear my hair like this all the time specifically because its super light… sometimes i forget im even wearing it 😉 #LOOOVEit

Tamieka Katrina

Yes…I like it.

Nicole Hayes

Too heavy but nice, but not for me

Toya Johnson

Going to try this real soon!!!

Latoria Robinson

Nice, looks even better couple weeks from now.

Robin Jones

I want to try this

Hadjo Maura Capessa Diogo

It looks really nice, but I wonder how healthy it is for my hairline??

Boitumelo Ikgopoleng-Busang

I have my hair like this

Nicola Johnson Edwards

I need this done who can do this in love with this

Aricia Patrick

I saw this one the other day and wanted it for my bday……….but next time…its very nice.

Wendy Jean-Louis

Actially it’s not heavy because it’s a sew in and just a small area of front has braids

Simone Sweetness Dallington

what part of this is sew in?? im seeing a crotchet needle in her hair so i wudnt think its sewn in at all

Marisa Richardson


Kimberly Branch

I like this

Eugenia Davis

Love it…. nice

Trenise Trenise

Yes they do. I bought one not to long ago

Octavia Franklin

I remember doing this years ago. Makes so much quicker for the take down but braids that small rip your edges out and take years to repair. 3 years natural and just getting full edges again.

Daisey Tenner Cannon

I like that

Ridin'soloOkk Johnson

I said they will be bringing that back

Cyreathea Hairston

Looks good….

Pretty Treasure

Cute hair

Isola Williams

This is cute cuz

Kia Rogers

That’s nice as hell

Ronique Woolcock


Crystal Piper

Hot and heavy!!

Lauren Twowordsonefinga Austin

I love it

Johnnie Donaldson

Who do this ????

Kenya Greene

I luv it

Jan Bradwell


Maggie Bloodsaw

cute… But that’s alot of hair

Balinda Johnson

Old School…..

Khadine Benjamin

I did my sister hair that list night it is really fast and safe to your hair

Diane White

That looks good

Alicia Campos

What want my hair done

April Ambitious White

Nice shortcut!!

Sherry Drayden

How long does this take? And what type hair

Blessedfrom Above

I had my hair done that way many times back in the day…its faster to get done…thinking about going that route again…loved it…

Pheaysia Upgraded Lattimore

I love it! Beautiful work!

Chante Leaks


Esther Simmons-Hawthorne

Too much hair. Has to be heavy. Cute though.

Simone Sweetness Dallington

not necessarily. some of these types of hair are actually quite light it just has a heavy look. but you use the amount you want

Shaunice Necole

Really cute but that’s a lot of hair.. Not sure if I could make it last

Chante' Simone

This is kinda cute

Kay Dub

Crochet hair isn’t really heavy.

Trajae Farquharson

What’s the name and type of hair I can’t see the bag properly