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  1. Camella Rose Jones

    For all those who don’t know 1 this is a boy 2 this is his hair 3 this is his natural hair color 4 your hair is naturally darker at the root. I wish I could post a pic my hair and my daughters hair is this color I’ve lived with this color hair for 22 years and my daughter is a little 4mon carrot top I’d be willing to share a photo if black hair would post

  2. Nicolette Matthews Samuel

    So of ya’ll need to stop hating. °̩ can’t beelive ass ppl acting like dis. Ofcourse his hair colour is natual °̩ have a cousin who has hair jus like dis & °̩ know for a FACT dat his mother didn’t dye his hair so if u want to blame somebody for his hair colour blame God. God luck with dat….smdh

  3. Katherine Lindsey

    Donna Chesser! I have a niece with many colors of natural hair including a big patch of blonde hair! She was born this way! So if you have doubt and haven’t been around these children to know the TRUE facts then calling their hair colors unnatural is so lame and so uneducated!

  4. Gina

    LOL. YOU haven’t seen it so of course it can’t be real? Give me a break. Some of ya’ll need to get a life, then get out and see the world. When you mix different ethnicities (and most of us are mixed with other things), you get all kinds of mixed result. Live a little.

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