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Marcia Williams

So cute. Vaughn Leigh Raquel Dixon

Vaughn Leigh

???????? cute!

Marcia Williams


Amanda M Snow

La James look at this color

Mrsunique Stewart

Soooooo….Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous!!!!

Miryan Nunes

Corte e coloração lindo

Meme Loveable SupabaddAzz

Omg Ke’Ke Msphatz Antwanette

Ke'Ke Msphatz Antwanette

– yesss

Daimarie Allee


Veronica Gearhart

yes yes!!!!!

Nekitae Love

Daimarie Allee hombuuuu is want ????????????

Daimarie Allee

do it ????????

Nekitae Love

Noooo I’am Bizzy to Go naturel

Dee Nelli

That’s exactly how I want to do your sew in and if u get that remy saga it will fall just like that

Brittney Stallings

. Did I ever have remy saga ?

Cassandra Salamone

Loving this color right now in my hair 🙂

Woneisha Peddy

Love it…

Brittney Stallings

.ohhhh the box that’s like $30 right ?

Dee Nelli

Yes but get the same length for both boxes because they already come layered

Brittney Stallings

.color ?

Dee Nelli

I think u should get THAT color !!

Brittney Stallings

???????????? my hair has to be natural color looking that’s not

Laquaya Hooks

Kids Reid look at the color, pretty I luv it..

Dee Nelli

Get a color that will give you a natural brown .

Brittney Stallings

.my real hair won’t match .. I’m coloring it black

Dee Nelli

Oh we’ll idk wat to tell u

Brittney Stallings

.ill think of a color … Both 12 inch ? Or 10 ?

Dee Nelli

12 is more flexible

Brittney Stallings


Brittney Stallings

.bangs looking just like that ??

Dee Nelli

If u want

Laquaya Hooks

Lisa Reid,this color is too pretty

Jackie Keith

Beautiful Black Queen! What the name of her hair color i love it

Aisha Sugarmomma McCondichie

Beautiful color. I love it!

Ashley White

Morgan Simms I like this

Muffie Thomas

Melody Jasmine I thought this was you LMAO!

Melody Jasmine

Yassss!!!! I love this!

Muffie Thomas

You could definitely pull this look off !

Aziyah Ford

Diamond Ford how you should get your hair, but blue instead of the purple-ish color.

Diamond Ford

Yeah I like that it’s pretty ????

Lorraine Smart


Nikie Scott

Santania Andrews this what i want no breads what color is this

Lori Bynum

Nice ✂ and color!!!

Chamecia Gonzales

Evanjaleen Jones do you like this?

Evanjaleen Jones

Love it!!

Harriet Neustadter

I can do this….think I’ll try it

SoLovable Williams

Jamal Millz McGee this the color I want now

Veronique Jenkins

Kenyata Witherspoon this!!

Kenyata Witherspoon

Let me cut your hair like this ????

Sarah Waya

I love ????????

Mollie Alexander

MzToomuch Johnson do this

MzToomuch Johnson

Ive been wanting something like that have no one who can do it …

Kendra Thompson

I can do you a weave like this. Im not licensed to cut hair yet. I love thos though

Larresha Love James

I like this hair style . This is next real soon

Assata PerfectImperfections Zhane'

Omg I ???????????????????????????????? this…thanks for giving me my next hairstyle

Tracey Robinson

Blessed Lyfe I thought this was your baby..

Blessed Lyfe

Yeah, She is pretty.

Jacara White

It’s cute but too short

Tyler Spivey

So you are getting long kk.

Pammy David


Gi Hair