Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Clear Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil vs clear castor oil

Whenever I visit the family in Jamaica, before I leave my mom knows she has to take me to get two things; a bottle of honey and a rum flask of castor oil.

You know you got the good stuff when the only thing they can find to put it in is an old white rum bottle. I never distinguished between Jamaican black castor oil and the clear kind until I started my hair journey; I have always just known the ever potent dark colored version.

If you talk to an older Jamaican person they would probably be quick to tell you too that you can use it for a variety of things including, rubbing your joints if you suffer from arthritis, to induce labor (which I personally would not recommend), and it is believed that it can prevent cysts and lumps if you massage your breasts with it.

My Grandmother will also tell you that if you use castor oil on your skin you can prevent eczema, psoriasis, pimples and other skin ailments. They would hardly ever mention hair which I thought was quite interesting, but none the less we now know it’s great for our tresses too.

To determine the difference between Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and the clear version, it will be necessary to give you a short history lesson.

Castor oil is originally from Africa. As it is with many other things, the slaves brought the seeds over to Jamaica where the oil was extracted and used for all the things I just described.

Raw unadulterated castor oil is very rare but is still being made in some areas of the island today, and is not black in color, it is actually yellowish. Squeezing the seed at high pressure to extract the oil is called cold pressing, and when it is done in that manner it allows the properties of the oil to remain intact versus using heat which degrades the oil.

Earlier I mentioned the castor oil in the rum flask, and one of the reasons I mention it is because the Tropical Isle brand that we are used to purchasing is the closest to that version that you can find anywhere.

According to their website, the reason the oil is dark is because the seeds are roasted, and the ash from the process is added into the oil taking it from that yellow color to in some cases extremely dark.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Evette Howard

Where do u get the clear kind

Lateka Starnes

I have used JBCO on my daughters hair and great results. I just started using it myself so far so good… Will try the clear also.

Cecile Chery

Where can you get JBCO FROM ?


I use the cold pressed castor oil and my hair loves it. I get it from the vitamin shoppe and it last for a month and a half.

Medina McQueen

I like the clear kind. I find it in the health food stores

Latasha Deane

I like both of them

Shajuana Bradford

JBCO works. My edges are growing back 🙂

Ashley Kelly

I use pharmacy brand with other oils or by its self as a sealant works great. Jbco made me itch something crazy.

Dee Hudson


Michelle Henderson

La’Nique Greene

NaKisha Harvey

You can buy any type of castor oil at Sally’s beauty supply store. I’ve used both but I like the clear best

Lollie Crenshaw

The clear oil is at Whole Foods, health food stores, Now.com and Amazon.com

Jamilah Henderson


Deliann McFadden

I love this page. <3

Mica Elle

Haitian Castor Oil aka lwil maskreti

Shamika Burden

Jbco mixed with red pimento oil love it!!

Comedian Erica Renee

I love God 🙂

Breanna Taylor

Definitely jbco

Jay Jacque

I mix them both, along with coconut oil in a 1:1:1 mixture.

D'Adra Eason

What is your 1:1:1 mixture consist of ?

D'Adra Eason

If you don’t mind my asking ?

Jay Jacque

I get an applicator bottle (about 12-20 oz) I mix JBCO, clear castor oil and coconut oil. all equal parts. So if you have a 12oz bottle you would use 4 oz of each oil.

Jay Jacque

The applicator bottle makes it very easy to apply to your scalp and you can get one from the a beauty supply store for cheap.

Nana Afrakoma Baah

i use the jbco shampoo and jbco hairfood. my hair feels thick and looks healthy.

Miranda O'Neil-Brown

Merci look

Melissa Danielle

I Mix Clear Castor Oil With Olive Oil. It Grows My Hair & Its A Lot Cheaper & Easier To Find Than JBCO.

Vivian Jackson

I’ve used both and the jamaican castor oil got my edges look like a thick ass lace front!! LOL

Kerri Webb

where u get it

Vivian Jackson

Online through Amazon.

My edges.

S Denise Jefferson

How did you use it?? your hair is amazing!

Vivian Jackson

When I was trying to grow my edges back (after postpartum shedding) I applied it directly to my edges every 2 days. I was back on track after 3 months.

Thank you.

Nicky Moody

Your hair looks awesome!

Keisha Owens

Vivian Jackson the thickness is unbelievable! So the Jamaican works best for you? I love your hair

Stephanie LaTrice Standifer

You can get it at any beauty supply.

Karen Titus

Sally Beauty Supply has it now

Vivian Jackson

I’ve used both and the jamaican castor oil got my edges looking like a thick ass lace front!! LOL

Annette Flowers

Right now in this Economy, what ever Is on Sale! Works for me Thank God…………………..

D'Adra Eason

Lol, I’m on that same page as you are.

Natalie S. Myers

I know that’s right Annette!!

Takarea Newsome

Where can I get this?

Laquicia Dinish

The darker the oil the better it works for your hair and eye lashes to make them natuarly longer. Clear is better for your skin as a moisturizer. Red castrol oil is best for baths.

Julissa Sookram

Always wanted to try jbco. But regular co is a godsend!! My hair LOVES this stuff. Great sealant. My hair is content for days.

Deleah Tishay


Alexandra Telemaque

To me and a few of us, IF we can’t find our good ol’ LWIL MASKRITI (Haitian black castor oil), JBCO will do.

Mackenzie Monet

Hm, after all these testimonials, I think I’m going to try JBCO.

Pam Idgafam Jankowski

Does anyone have any recommendations for a biracial child that has extremely dry hair? I have tried Liv, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and nothing seems to stay in her hair. I can grease her hair in the morning and by the time she comes home from school her hair is dry and brittle. She is 10 and past the braid stage and Im stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

Ta'Leah Kendzior

My kids are bi racial blk and asian. Oil doesnt moisturize it only nourishes. Oil is more like a vitamin. I use oil on my kids hair first and then use beautiful textures(its at walmart and beauty supply stores) its in an orange container with a purple lid.

Nari Ley

Olive oil moisturizer by organic root stimulator and water at nite and braid hair to lock in moisture and a satin scarf should help

Blessedfrom Above

Research a product called for mix chicks…they may have products for your child..

Tiffany Laurice Cummings

U can use the jbco as a hot oil treatment,,,,when u wash her hair,,,it will help,,and id definitly use the jbco daily when styling,,goodluck

Tierra Jackson

I’ve only used the clear and it’s been good to my hair.

Lavern Foster

Castor oil mixed w/ coconut oil, zee bomb.

Angie Williams Collins

I use both. They both are great fit the hair.

Michelle Ann Charlton

Jamaican black all day long, less process more benefit … I mix this in most if my condition treatments for my clients….

Kimberly Casey


Donna Summerville Smith

Great article! Band thanks Michelle Nesbeth for the pictures!

Michelle Nesbeth


Kayahna Parks

I just brought it I pray it work! My edges are thin, hoping for a miracle!

Itz P Lo

I use Palmers coconut oil with vitamin e on my daughters hair it had made a complete difference its stronger, growing thicker and Fuller and not a frizzy.. But still willing to try these if will give her smooth curls?

Truly Blessed

My daughter has really dry hair n its to the point where her scalp is so white. Its bin like this for some months now.her hair is also breaking off..I was using the sulfer 8 shampoo n greese n for some reason its not working. So do you all think jbco will b my best bet

Tanya Ferguson

I think it will work.. But try mixing it with pur peppermint oil. .. When I brought my JBCO @ shades of afrika.. the owner mixed about a tablespoon or two into the bottle. Since then my scalp has been flake free. However, I do recommend getting a prescribed shampoo called ” ketoconazole” this will for sure resolve the dandruff issue. You’ll see results in one wash! I hope this helps.

Blessedfrom Above

I have done so much research on growing hair and hair loss…jbco is very good along with other oils…also get some leave in conditioner…I also have a line of natural hair growing products…

Khalilah Pullin

My daughter’s hair was just like that and I used baby shampoo, and olive oil, I learned less is better sometimes

Sweetness Montoute

I used the sulfer8 grease to it didnt work for me either.

Itz P Lo

Oh and it don’t leave her hair greasy and oily.. i love cuz then her hair has more bounce.. I use to use vitamin e..

Nicole Cristalen

Pam Idgafam Jankowski have you tried the Mixed Chicks hair care line? It works really well. If not, check out their website. I LOVE IT!!!!

Ricky S. Octavia

Black jamican castor oil…does wonders on my hair!! I mix mines with extra virgin olive oil&apply on my edges&scalp.

Alexandra Telemaque

Pam Idgafam Jankowski that’s black hair for you. Forget grease, it only coats the hair. My child is biracial and what I use is Sheamoisture curl and style milk WHILE the hair is damp.

Labelle Lafleur

I used it everyday but I used the haitian costor oil it’s even stronger. You can used it for almost everything it’s an healing oil also.

Jamila Kelly

Its on Amazon. I didn’t like the castor oil..not sure what it was supposed to do to help my hair because it just made my hair sticky

Michelle Nesbeth

You probably used too much, because a little goes a long way. I would not rub it in my hair on daily basis if it is relaxed. I would probably use it as a hot oil treatment weekly instead. Being natural, I am able to use it daily.

Precious Bernard

Where do you get Haitian castor oil @labelle lafleur?

Alphia Joseph Sauer

Jamaican has so many scents

Donald Accor

Boy Do I Remember That Back in The Day