Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Clear Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor OilNot only is the color distinct but the smell is very distinct too. It literally smells like burnt seeds which isn’t the best smell in the world if we were to be completely honest.

Very clear castor oil has a lower iodine content than the yellow version because it is filtered making it the purest version of itself you can find. The clearer the oil the more pure it is considered but it is not necessarily better.

There are other completely clear versions of castor oil that are found in high quantities at the beauty supply stores. These are typically more processed than the Tropical Isle Brand, and tend to have other additives.

You will find added ingredients like some sort of fragrance, mineral oil, and just in case you are into parabens, there may be some of those in them as well. Another good reason to always check the ingredients before you purchase a product!

So which is better JBCO or clear castor oil?

Honestly, determining if the Jamaican black castor oil with the ash is better than regular castor oil, can boil down to a matter of preference. One could argue that the oil with ash is not the purest because the ash is added to the oil from the roasting process and not extracted from the seed itself.

On the other hand the ash is a bi-product of the seed so having it in the oil is not such a bad thing, and actually makes the product seem more “whole”.

Regular castor oil might be easier on the nose especially if you use it daily for simple things like sealing your ends or in your creams and butters, it is less heavy and can be found in your local Walmart.

However Jamaican black castor oil is also great because it is the closest to the seed you are going to get. In terms of hair growth benefit anecdotally speaking both oils are as good as each other although in recent years JBCO has had the larger backing.

While JBCO might not be as practical for everyday use, it makes a great pre-poo treatment, hot oil treatment and can also be used in concoctions such as the Kimmaytube leave in.

When you purchase castor oil make sure that it is from a reputable brand and always check the ingredient list. Some manufacturers have resorted to playing little tricks on us by adding dark dye to give the castor oil a dark color so they can market it as black castor oil or just adding a few drops of castor oil to a base of mineral oil and calling it castor oil.

So, what’s your preference, JBCO or regular castor oil?

Originally posted 2014-01-12 15:00:45.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Nytia Cyphers

I love love Jamaican black castor oil


It smells heavenly!!!

Brenda Williams
Brenda Williams

Me too!

Rets Tolentino
Rets Tolentino

hello, i want to try JBCO.. where and how can i purchase this product? im from Philippines hope you can help..

Tabrice Harrison


Diane Winston-Allen

Regular castor oil works better for me

Sherry Williams

Are you talking about the kind that’s by the laxative section?

Sherry Williams

I mean in the laxative section

Jaee Trann

JBCO ..leaves my hair very softt

Olga P. Butler

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Sure!!!

Katessa Denice Camel

Where do I find these at?

Shawnee Wiley

You can find the jbco at your local beauty/hair supply store. The regular castor oil at your local grocery store…Good luck!

Coretta Gallagher

You can find it at the hair supply store. However, like mentioned above it has additives and is very diluted. (Read the ingredients) Its best to go on amazon.

Karen Lynne


Marquita SweetnSpice Holmes

Does the jamaican oil thickens your edges?

Kierra Leavy


Michelle Nesbeth

Yes, and this is after using it once a day for a month. (BC on the left) Notice my edges and sides are thin. (1 month post BC on right). My hair is full and edges filled in just after a month of using JBCO daily. I swear by it.

Shawnee Wiley

Lauretta Hall this is what you want to do..

Nari Ley

Yes it does

S Denise Jefferson

do you mind sharing how you used it. I big chopped and growth is slow.

Nicky Moody

WOW! I’m convinced to ue JBCO over the clear

Michelle Nesbeth

@ Denise, I use it with a mixture of other oils to decrease the smell. I use it as a sealant with the LCO method.

Tiesha Petite 'Collins

what is the LCO method ?

Tamara Balfour

L- liquid leave-in C- cream or butter and O – oil

Tiffany Laurice Cummings

Yes yes yes,,,,i only wear quick weaves while im transitioning,,i oil my hair good before installing and i do a hot oil treatment every two weeks,,, hair has grown,,,

Loda Lorain

Black jamaican cashier oreo grow my hair back with in 3 months of using it my hair was pulled out from the root so my edges were bald black Jamaican castor oil grow my hair back I didn’t think it was going to grow back I’ve never tried the clear though

LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

Jamaican black. Its great makes my hair soft w/o that greasy feel. And I love the smell.. i use the coconut. I’m going to try the lavender and it does makes my hair feels thicker.

LaMia Bentley

I use Lavender and mango and I use the coconut

Ash Grose

It has with my hair

Sparkle Bradford

I need to buy some of this because my hair is thinning.

Keisha Brooke

JBCO for sure it makes my hair feel so soft and it helps with my growth and thickness.

Cheryl Nickelson El

Yes Marquita sweetnspice

Dyonteniece P. Rice

Anyone mix their jbco with olive oil?

Olive Skovski

Yes I do it when I deep condition. I mix up JBCO, pure coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. Mix it all up with my hair mayonnaise n conditioner and honey…

Lasonia E Johnson

I mix it with shea butter 2..


Oh yes, I do. It’s great and easier to apply that way. Add a drop of rosemary and peppermint oil and you reach the stars in no time.

Margo Williams

I mix coconut oil and the jbco and i use it on my edges and on my scalp.

Kim Coleman
Kim Coleman

I just start using JBCO trying to grow my thin sides and to grow my hair out. How do you apply it to your hair?


I use it as a pre-poo on my hair and a sealant on my ends after moisturizing during the week. The night before wash day, I pour on my scalp between parted sections, add it to a section then chunky twist. Then I sleep in a plastic bag over night and wash in the morning. As a sealant I use sparingly on my ends after moisturizing with aloe vera gel.

Good luck!

Vivian Jackson

I use several oils in my mixture: jojoba, coconut, olive oil, castor, vitamin e oil and carrot.

Sarinity Savoy

Yes it do thickens you edges and it promotes a more full growth in those spots to well it did for me

Lewanda Wright Qualls

I love the jamaican

Christina Sunshine

Jamaican black castor is better well to me.

Shannon Robins

Where can i find jbco

Marilyn Peten

I like both

Ez E Mc G

we do it black in st lucia… so does that make it jamaican too?

Keesha Duncan

Jbco love it! My edges are growing back…and the rest of my hair is growing like weeds….I’ve never tried the regular.

Anjoli Owens

what’s the difference between the two?

JoAnna Shambrielle

I hear JBCO will grow your lashes too!

Denise G. Ohenewaa

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Is The Truth!

Laura Dosmeus

Luille Marskete aka Haitian Castor Oil

Matt Angelique Zimmer


Tequila Berryhill-Edwards

JBOC while my hair was braided just took them out glad to know it doesn’t weigh the hair down or is very greasy cause my hair is very thin

Alexia Johnson


Nicole Young

Jbco, it smells great.

Chericka Brookins

I will b tryin JBCO

ThatNatural GirlisDope

I use and have gotten great results w/ both. Happy Healthy Hair All!

Shaniah Paige

Where can u buy the JBCO??

Nicole Renee

some beauty supply stores sell them but i know u can buy it online at amazon.com

Shaniah Paige

Thank u! Has it helped u?

Spencer Michelle

You can buy the Jamaican castor oil on Amazon. I love it

Mita Burgos

Shannon Robins I found mine on amazon

Nicole Renee

i havent tried the JBCO but regular castro oil irritates my scalp..i dont know why


You sound like that you maybe allergic to it. so you need to stop using it. I’ve heard and read the same comments before.

Mita Burgos


Latasha Watson

Where can u find the jbco?do they sale it in Alabama

Melissa Streeter

I use the regular one and I’ve seen results in my edges….

Angela D. Graham

Jbco it wks

Kierra Leavy


Keyshia Valentine


Bernadeen Mitchell-Ghans


Christenlle's Prosperities

JBCO it’s the only thing that works since my hair is so thick and kinky curly the zig zag wateva it penetrates easy making my hair really soft


I would love to try this.. Where can I buy or order JBCO from???


At Sally Beauty Supply Store!!

Linnie Tterrag

Select Sally’s sales the jbco

Felecia Duff

Jbco a little goes a long way. Had my bottle for a year and it barely looks like i Used it

Wincie Collins

Clear Castor Oil has grown my hair like no other. It’s more natural without extra chemicals or dye in it. If you ever decide to flat iron your hair, using clear Castor oil it straightens your hair like a perm. It’s amazing!!! I’ve found the cure to grow and strengthen my hair. Clear Castor Oil all the way!!!

Sara Lee

Do you order it online?

Wincie Collins

No… Go to your nearest Whole Foods Store. It cost less than $10. The price is worth saving your hair. I wish you the best. Love and God Bless You. 🙂

Michelle Nesbeth

JBCO has no chemicals or dye. It is dark because it is roasted and the ash content is added to oil.

Sharon Eva Smith


Wincie Collins

@ Michelle and Sharon. I don’t doubt JBCO works for you but I’ve tried everything under the sun and I have had the best results with The Clear Castor Oil. It works for my hair. Never said, JBCO had chemicals or dye in it. I prefer what’s best for me. I wish you the best on your hair journey. Love and God Bless You. 🙂


you IMPLIED that JBCO had chemicals and dyes. caster oil isnt naturally clear so its technically not pure either if its clear

Alma Ruddock

No I think she said that SOME brands of JBCO may have added dyes so to read the ingredient list to be sure that you are getting the right stuff. And yes, completely clear castor oil is also highly processsed, the yellowish one is the one being referred to as “clear”.

Phindi Zulu

Doesn’t it smell awful though?

Michelle Nesbeth

@ Phindi, I mix it with other oils. That decreases the smell tremendously.

Niqua Wright

The original castor oil which is black, has no chemical. However, when extracted it comes out that dark colour… .It has to go through a clarification process to allow to become clear my friend.

Niqua Wright

These products are best bought organically from jamaica or purchased on online stores such as amazon, or ebay.

Wincie Collins

@Phindi. Clear Castor oil is orderless and 100% pure. So pure you can use it on your skin.
@Niqua.. Please read my comment carefully. I never said, “JB” has chemicals or dye inside of it.
Clear Castor Oil is organic. I purchase mine from the Whole Foods Store. I don’t order online. Clear Caster Oil is 100% pure and you are able to use it on your skin too. JBCO, is ment for your hair. I don’t think JBCO would be wise to try it on your skin. I enjoy orderless natural 100% pure remedies that are “best for me.” What’s for me my not work for you. I’m happy you find JBCO as a product for you.
I’m old school and I love my Clear Castor Oil.
God Bless You on your hair journey. 🙂

Prú Sashà

@Sara Lee yes you can order it online from this website. http://Www.Drvita.com they sell only organic stuff at very cheap price from coconut oil to conditioner to shampoo amd other stuff. I bought my 32oz castor oil bottle from there and it wasn’t up to $10 .

Prú Sashà

Amd honestly they both work. There’s np difference between the two except the color but at the end of the day they both produce the same result. I use clear castor oil and my hair is fuller and seems to grow a lot faster.

Wincie Collins

I personally don’t order anything online. I purchase My Clear 100% Pure Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, etc. less than $10 at The Whole Food Store around my area. Thank you so much for the information online Pru. 🙂 God Bless You.

Wincie Collins

@ Pru…. The other products didn’t work for me. I’m truly happy with my Clear Castor Oil. I Love it!!! So 🙂 !!!!

Shasha Natasha Nelson

oh by thw way, do you use both castor and organic oils concurrently? Wincie Collins.

Nicky Moody

Wincie you are right, the clear work amazing for me as well.

Wincie Collins

@Shasha.. Your welcome.. I use castor oil and coconut oil on my hair. Mostly Castor Oil.
@ Nicky… Thank you. It’s amazing!!! 🙂

Kym Black

Thanks Wincie…it works for me too!!!

Sweetness Montoute

My mom uses the black one and it goes with her well.and for the first time she can keep her hair relaxed and nit complain her hair is breaking

Wincie Collins

That’s wonderful Sweetness. 🙂 After my Big Chop last year and haven’t had a perm in my hair over a year. My hair is truly healthy and growing with the clear castor oil. I haven’t seen any breaking and my scalp is healthy. I don’t have dry scalp and I Love It!!! If your mom loves the black one than I’m truly happy for her hair journey. 🙂 God Bless You.

EmpressAuset Love-Locs

I’ve never even heard of the clear caster oil until now so I can’t say which is best…can’t really understand why some people say they ‘prefer’ the JBCO when they’ve never tried the clear one….anyway, thanks for the info Wincie Collins I will try it. I particularly like the idea of it being odorless and can be used on the skin.

Wincie Collins

Thank you, EmpressAuset Love-Locs. I’ve tried every product and the winner in my book is The Clear Castor Oil. I Love it on my hair and I use it on my skin everyday too. It works for me and I hope you are able to try it too. I hope you have a local Whole Foods Store around your area. I promise you will see a difference when you use it the first time. It makes your hair and skin so soft. I’ve found the cure to my hair journey and I pray you will continue your successful hair journey too. Love and God Bless You. 🙂

Wincie Collins

Clear Castor Oil has grown my hair like no other. It’s more natural without extra chemicals or dye in it. (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY…. NEVER SAID JBCO HAD Chemicals or Dye in its ingredients) FOR THOSE WHO ARE REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT… 🙂
If you ever decide to flat iron your hair, using clear Castor oil straightens your hair like a perm. It’s amazing!!! I’ve found the cure to grow and strengthen my hair. Clear Castor Oil all the way!!!

Sharon Eva Smith


Nikkeya Rodolph-Knott

JBCO…I luv it:)

Tracey Taylor Jones

I like the clear…jbco makes My head itch like Crazy

Dana Burks

Clear castor oil… I’m not a fan of the way jbco smells.

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