Best 6 Leave In Conditioners For Natural And Relaxed Hair

Back in the day Infusium 23 was my leave in of choice, there was always a bottle in my moms product cabinet and my hairdresser who I visited every Saturday always had it on her workstation as a permanent fixture for her clients.

These days leave in conditioners are still popular and why not, they form the basis of your after-wash regimen. There is so much variety it is hard to sort through which are the best ones especially when you are just starting out on a healthy hair journey.

With that said a little guidance, never hurt anybody, so here are our picks for the 6 best leave in conditioners for Natural and Relaxed hair.

1. At under $10 you can’t go wrong with Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner. If you have relaxed or natural hair Giovanni will not disappoint, the texture of the product is silky smooth and just a little goes a long way.

Giovanni is liquid heaven for most and a permanent part of any healthy hair regimen. Apply the Giovanni leave in on freshly washed and conditioned hair and leave the product in your hair for added moisture throughout the day.

Originally posted 2013-05-08 15:00:13.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Sarah Thornton

3 for me

Deanne George

Just started using #3 and I love it so very much makes my hair feels so soft n smells great

Anessa Kent

One of the best posts ever. #3 & #4 are excellent! Can’t wait to try the others.

Rolene Robinson

I use the shea butter leave in on mine and my daughters hair. Love it

Edica Reece

I used #3

Wendy Jean-Louis

I love cantu. Found it after sheamoisture had bad reaction on my hair. Hair was shedding and left painful boils. And my hair started falling apart. Am thinking maybe am allergic reaction to something in sheamoisture. But cantu came to the rescue. I want to try Giovanni but to afraid to stray away from my cantu.

Nessa Rene'e

Same thing happened to me

See Jay

i use sheamoistre im allergic to most of there product but thats because im allergic to most fruits and vegetables i can only use the curly line. I dont no what your allergic tooo in there!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Jean-Louis

I thought I was the only person until I met other people like us who had that reaction. Up until then I thought it was something I was doing until I stopped and the boils stopped. But I could not salvage the hair. It was do damaged. I spent around two years cutting out damaged hair. But they have a new leave in. I bought it and love.

Devera Smith Robinson

I didn’t like the residue from the Cantu and it didn’t go away when dry, just flakes everywhere. I’m currently using Creme Of Nature and I like it.

Denise Haydee Caceres

Infusium has never done good in my hair. Whether relaxed or natural. Leaves it hard n dry. But Cantu… Lawd!!!!!

Nessa Rene'e

Has anyone tried 5? A hair dresser used what I think was 5 and it was the best ever

Shirley Beckford

I love number 3

Bonnie Marrow

I love the shea butter

Eleanor Kendrick

I’m in love Miss Jessie’s. Haven’t tried a leave in (don’t know if there is one) but the shampoos and wah out conditioners are wonderful

Alesha Bell

Dang mine not up there! Lol

Alesha Bell

Are any of these products all natural?

Joycelyn Lanae

Number 2 Been using it since Kimmaytube recommended it with her homemade conditioner. Also 1 is good as well

Kimberlin Clark

#2, Kinky Curly Knot Today is my all-time favorite!

Nadia Hewitt

My bad i meant 3 I don’t like it in my hair Reneé Maycock

Shrika Matthews

#2 & #4 Are both great leave ins #4 is not as expensive. Love them both

Endenezjia Graham

Cantu shea butter leaves my hair so flaky and dry.

Lynette Lynch

I haven’t tried any I have been natural for almost two years , although I’m not mixed race I have been using mixed chicks my hair is fine it doesn’t way it down . Could anyone suggest another leave in that work wonders on fine hair? Mixed chicks is a bit expensive.

Andrea Whyms


Melissa HoodTimes

Cantu shea butter

Treva Peace Hicks

I wonder what type of hair everyone has 4a,4b,4c? I need a leave-in but I don’t want something that leaves a residue.

Fadi Niare

3 is the best

Mire Turner

I use #3 cantu shea butter. I put it in a night then wrap my hair it makes my hair a little damp. But it seems to work just fine.

Andrea Rose Valentine

Which one is Cantu???

Tanika Pickney


LovelyLady SoBlessed

I just got #6…sumthn new to my transitioning hair…ugh wat a journey im having….

Shakeia Williams

Cantu left white residue (lil balls) but works great as a deep conditioner..

Francine Pryear

Shea butter is gud

Karen Ilovemusic W

#1 and #2 are staples for me

Tanika Pickney

I have been using #3 for years! It’s great!

Tanika Pickney

I thought kinky curly was for ppl with naturally curly hair? I guess not

Toni Cheefa Grant

I dont lime the cantu, it flakes when it dries

Alicia Johnson Tiongison

I only love #1

Miriam Pierce McPherson

#1 is the best, but your going to pay the most for it. About $10 or more depending where you purchase it.

Qianna Brown

Yes to number 3

Pheadra Pic

Taliah Waajid Leave-in Conditioner.No build-up, soft hair.

Tina Martin

#1 is the best!

Klarkak Gocha

it really depends on the texture ad well as if you have color treated hair. I have blonde in my hair. I also have medium to course hair. Wella professional products has done my hair justice.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 #3 was a”no go” on my hair but when I used it on my client hair with the same texture but not color treatment it did wonders 🙂 🙂 🙂

Frankye Stafford Campbell

Alright !!!

Fallon Johnson

3 all day

Brigitte Lee

#3 do work!!!!! Grew my short cut to fast!!!

Sabe Morgan

3 is definitely the best for your money that’s why people are staying by it. It’s the number one selling product. Number 2 and 1 Givonnai, are very good. I love them both. I never Went back to 1 though because it’s so pricey. I get good coverage and curls with Kinky curly

Vanessa Johnson

I have 3 and 5. They work great for me!!

Frankie Parson

5 I love .

TjMarie Hunt

#3 work great

Missy Louis


Shelly Knox

It depends on the texture of your hair….

Felicia Small

Shea butter the best!

Shavonne R. Boyd

Porosity not texture….texure has zero to do with how your hair absorbs a product.