How To Deep Condition Using Regular Conditioner

154961221Honey can give your hair the additional moisture and shine it needs. It can also provide your strands with softness, shine, and suppleness. Honey has been constantly praised for being a powerful humectant for the hair, and it can provide you with the maximum moisture.

Plain Greek Yogurt is commonly used to make homemade conditioner, of course. Adding it to your regular conditioner will feed your hair with protein, moisture, and shine. Some naturals deep condition with Greek yogurt alone, so you know it’s good stuff; a great detangler too.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil we all love, whether it is to seal in the moisture, massage our scalp, or hot oil treatments, you name it. Adding this to the conditioner provides your hair with nourishment and shine it needs. Now just about any natural oil will do; Castor oil is a popular choice, and many of us like Jojoba as well.

Mayo you say? Yes, mayo. A great protein treatment; it adds strength and shine to your hair.

Avocados can provide your strands with vitamins, and prevent hair loss. Whether you have damaged your hair or have a vitamin deficiency, adding avocado promotes soft, elastic hair. Make sure your avocado is mashed up thoroughly to form a paste, before adding it to your conditioner.

Shea butter (preferably African Shea Butter) is just all around a deep conditioning moisturizer. It contains high amounts of fat. In particular, you are going to want to heat up this ingredient after it is applied to your hair. Sit under a hooded dryer, or wear a steam cap or warm towel on your head. This activates the properties Shea butter has to offer.

Now that you have identified what ingredients you are going to add to your regular conditioner, apply the mix to clean hair and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Here’s how to tell if the “deep” conditioner actually did its job:

  1. Did the consistency of the conditioner make it easy or hard to apply? If it spreads easily, this can help control how much you use and coat all of the strands.
  2. Was finger detangling easy after rinsing? If this mixture allowed you to easily detangle, you’ve got a winning combination.
  3. Have you noticed less shedding? If so, that is always a plus.
  4. Feel your hair. Is it soft or softer than the usual? How long did the softness last?

After trial and error and test after test, be sure to write down the combination of ingredients you have discovered. Remember that a simple $2-$5 bottle of conditioner will do just fine. We recommend a conditioner with slip. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize your hair afterwards, and seal in that moisture with your choice of sealant.

So what about you? While you were going through the list of ingredients to choose from, did another one come to mind? Is there another way you could spice up your regular conditioner? Go ahead and comment below. We’d love it if you would add to the list we have above.

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About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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Ashley Iainttakinnoshit Plummer

After you add these things to “regular” conditioner you haven’t saved any money so just buy a deep conditioner

Somaya Cader Mohammed

This was helpful but what do you mean by sealant please?

A sealant is anything that locs moisture in your hair, so an oil is a sealant.. its not perfect but when put over water or a water based product your hair stays moisturized longer

Somaya Cader Mohammed

Thankyou sooo much I’m going to give this a go for sure!

Kashmere Noel

Try the LOC (liquid oil cream), LCO (liquid cream oil) WLO (water leave-in oil) methods for sealing. I personally use the WLO method

Somaya Cader Mohammed

I wish I has access to all the beautiful products that are available in the states here we have hardly anything that caters to my type of hair and what we do have sells out for months and months. Old products like dark and lovely moisture plus is the best I can do can you imagine and just the odd good oils like coconut and almond..

Somaya Cader Mohammed

Kashmere do you have any links to this please?

Fallon Pryce

So should I use a leave in conditioner and then spray on water mixed with extra Virgin olive oil to seal it in??

u can use a water based leave in and then just plain olive oil on top.. no need to dilute the oil with water ..

Theresa Marie Bryant

Yay! I already do this. Glad to know I’m doing something right. I do have a fancy expensive deep conditioner but some days I’ll switch it up and mix olive oil into my vo5 moisture milk or tresemme conditioner and use that as my deep conditioner

Kelli Mcghee

OK this morning I mix olive oil with my deep con
Good to know I’m on the right track with this one thanks


Most of those things would be good to add to shampoo except for honey. While it is a natural humectant and will soften your hair fabulously it should also be stated that unless you take it off in 15-20 min it’s also a natural hair lightener. Also to get the full benefit a of honey it really should be raw honey. The more processed the less benefit, and yes there is a huge difference, in price as well. In fact a couple bananas some yogurt and honey with maybe a tablespoon of your favorite oil makes an excellent conditioner and is practically free. Just make sure you run it through a strainer to get the clumps out before putting on your hair. If not it will be a pain to rinse but the difference in that and regular conditioner is amazing. You can also add a few drops of t-tree oil to make it anti fungal , or peppermint oil for a good scalp treatment (really relaxing too) Anyway that’s my 2 cents, hope it is helpful

Blessing Eshiet

Do I add all these ingredients at the same time to my conditioner or some at a time?


how would you add the shea butter to the conditioner. and if I washed my hair on the day that I want to use the Shea butter-condition recipe , will I had it to the wet hair. I’m new to this and shapoo, deep co tips?