Stylist Feature: Kenya “Kenny-Coo” Jenkins

Stylist Feature Kenya Kenny-Coo Jenkins

Introduce yourself and which salon if any you work at…

I’m Kennycoo…I been doing hair over 30 or so years and I love what I do. My business A+ Cornrows by Kennycoo Mobile Hairstylist is now located at Princess Cuts 2302-A Nash St. NW in Wilson, NC. I’m in the first Studio, been there since May 2013 & I love it. I will travel for a fee. Visit my website for more details.

Stylist Photo - Kenya Kenny-Coo Jenkins

Stylist Photo – Kenya Kenny-Coo Jenkins

How long have you worked as a licensed cosmetologist (or equivalent in your country) and where did you study?

I’ve been licensed over 14 years. I went to Edgecombe Community College in Rocky Mount, NC and finish 1998.

What is your specialty, relaxed, natural hair, locs or anything special?

I do all textures. I have more clients that are natural than relaxed. I only do cornrows, flat twist, sew-ins, pony-tails, pin-up individuals, dreads and various natural styles (own and added hair).

I try to create styles to help in hair growth, transitioning or just to change your style. A lot of my styles are different and unique. I also have various cover styles if you have thinning and other problems with your hair or hairline.

What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist?

Best reward seeing your clients response to their new look with their style…Priceless!! One client asked me if someone gave me a million dollars would I quit…I said NO!! I love what I do, making people happy.

When you meet that customer that has not had a great experience with a previous stylist, how do you make them comfortable while in your chair?

Asking questions to see what their expecting and making them feel welcomed and relaxed. I don’t want anyone getting out of chair unhappy.

If you could change one thing about the cosmetology industry what would that be?

Money been the focus of the business..I know it’s important but a lot of customers are just dollars to people. Instead of them getting hair care services they need.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now, what are your goals as a stylist?

Traveling doing hair, DVD tutorials for resale and teaching. Getting some of my work printed in magazines to get my business name circulating in other states. This field is endless.

How do you stay motivated and on top of your game?

Reading up on new trends, surfing for new hairstyles, my Facebook friends styles. We all inspire one another. I love YouTube and I order other stylist’s DVDs learning new techniques incorporating with my cornrows styles.

Here is a chance to sell you ‘the stylist’ and your business, tell us why we should utilize your services?

I love what I do. With so many styles to choose from you won’t be unhappy. Open your mind to try something new. I don’t put a lot of tension on the hair, most clients say they keep feel when I’m working. You will be satisfied.

Where can we find you and how can we contact you for an appointment?

$20 deposit to hold a slot 9am.2pm.6pm are my hours Monday through Thursday. 9am and 2pm Friday and Saturday. Some Sundays 2pm and 6pm visit website for details, 252-315-3083, located at Princess Cuts 2302-A Nash St. NW in Wilson, NC,

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  3. Kenny-Coo

    Thanks to ALL!!! Who love my styles…to the others…Who Cares!!!…I been here over 30yrs…Thanking God Everyday…anyone who wants a “KENNY-COO” Style…visit Hope u Like my page on facebook Please follow on instagram Please Share My styles They are Great for everyone, but if you have family members with hair problems, growing back from chemo, I can create something..please let them know someone cares and will do their best to make sure every client is satisfied. I work with 5pks of Braid Hair, I include with Style Price. packs cost $.94 up $1.99…compare that to the cost of a lot of hair & styles…YOU SAVING..Styles take 2-5hrs…Last 2-12 weeks

  4. Bri Evans
    Bri Evans

    Bottom right is killin’ em!!! Not crazy about the others, but that twist on the bottom is like the best hairstyle I’ve ever seen!

  5. stella mcinnis

    Do you sell tutorial DVD’s showing how you do your styles?

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