Would You Let Your Little Boys Hair Grow Out? – 14 Cute Little Boys With Awesome Fros [Gallery]

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  1. Kia Johnson

    my son is 10 he’s never had a haircut and my four year old has never cut his hair!

  2. LaToja Smith

    My middle son had hair that was almost to his elbows. I loved his hair. Unfortunately, 2nd graders are harsh and they bullied him for having “Hair Like a Girl.” He loved his hair too. He cried and begged me to cut it, so we headed to the barber shop. He cried when it was time to get in the chair. I don’t think he really wanted to cut it, but he didn’t want to be bullied anymore either.

  3. Chiniqua Gayle Tilley Francis

    All my boys had long hair my 9 year old he’s the only one that decided to keep his! I would like to post a pic but I don’t need any negative comments! He said he wanted to keep it because it’s what makes him different! I can’t argue with that! It’s almost passed his rear when it’s fully straight!

  4. Yvonne Stubbs

    Depends on how much of a pain it is to maintain it. If my (hopefully in the future) son is feral or always active, I may keep it cut until he can take care of it himself.

  5. Charmaine Greene

    Both my sons had shoulder length here until first grade. The teasing started, they cut it off .i didn’t want to cut it. I told them not to let people make you do things you don’t want too. The hair grew back. My oldest didn’t cut it again until he was graduating from college(his choice) my youngest has even more hair now at 15

  6. Positively Winisha

    Yes my son is 5 and he decided no more hair cuts at age 3. His life, his head, his choice isn’t hurting anybody so I support him!

  7. Marketta L Simpson

    Its a choice..what is hard for me to see is little boys trying to play football and the helmet cant fit over the locs comfortably because the parents have allowed the locs to grow freely rather than get them professionally done at a shop. Little league helmets arent fitted like NFL players which are custom fitted. It hurts my heart to see them struggling with the helmet plus its very unsafe

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