Would You Rock It? – Erykah Badu Got Atomic Micro Cosmic Braids [Gallery]

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Antoinette Dalton

Some women edges missing hairline pushed back from micros they had 10 yrs ago!!! Just ridiculous lmaooo it ain’t all that ,she strange and it belongs her…

Marsha Rodgers

The way my adult adhd work… I can’t sit through that. Nope!

Tiela Lewis

Wth for?! Lawd NO!

Taélor Morgan

Them things would become atomic dreads in my head.

Alimata Doumbia

I got them before on a trip to Ivory Coast in west Africa.

Chanel Bridges

Toni Braxton had this like 20yrs ago when she got that unbreak my heart weave..

Alana Jackson

As much hair she has… how long did that take to braid? How many people were braiding at the same time? Who’s gon take that down when it starts to grow out??? Smh…

DeeDee Benoit

She must not be taking them out, must be a permanent thing like dreds

Adrienne Lindsey

Nope, I don’t like anything that takes longer that 4

Guillaume Maitre

Erykah bleached her skin ?

Sade Taylor

It’s her natural hair tho fake hair takes it out

Mitra Smith-Garrison

Cute but no it looks like it would take forever to do

Khaliah Sherman

Any braids that say micro are a no for me.

Boydellia Smith Baham

Nope. Just the thought of taking them out gives me a migraine.

Pasinehondo Yedzung

Bye edges

Kenyetta Roberts

Love it !!! this is going to be my next hairstyle

Alice Atkins

I do micro twists all the time, it’s my favorite hairstyle. Mines just don’t stay straight, it shrinks and curls up.
I find it funny when people ask what I’m going to do with my hair or suggest hairstyles I should get and I say it’s already done and they look so confuse.

I will say this, putting them in is a b**ch, I always tell myself it’s the last f**king time. Re-twisting is a b**ch. Taking them out is a b**ch. You literally have to have no life in order to put them in and take them out.
Still my favourite style to do.

China Jones

Nah….too much time plus that kinda style damages hair

Nicole Denise

Noooo ma’am I don’t want to be bald I want healthy growing hair

Jancinda Portley

Love Me some Erykah Badu✌️❤️✌ So this is just another level to her Uniqueness in Hairstyles and Fashion choices!
Our hair is such an Endless Creativity and she like many others Enjoys taking it there!
Go Head #MsDallas

Jenise Faulkner

I just wanna say that I admire Erykah’s individuality, creativity and uniqueness so much! This is the result of that! I guess it didn’t matter how long it took for her to get her hair done. This was her way of expressing herself which I think is awesome! If I had the time and patience, I would get them.

Phalon Sharelle

Smd. I got to much hair for that.

Sarah Alexandra

I’d rather keep my hair thanks!

Yinka Elegbede

Hell no. Who gonna take them out? I would keep them foreva

Nicole Makell Healthington

Right ????????????

Jaki Ubettarecognize Dugger

Only if its a wig…LOL

Tanesha Winston

I don’t have the patience for that

L.J. ThatsMe

Wow!!! It’s cute…I wonder if she would let it loc! Tammie Woods

Melanie Latrice

That s**t probably took a week to do Unique Livy

Unique Livy

Word smh that is asking for ya hair to fall out takin dat s**t out

Leslie Fiol

Love it!

Alisson Hislop

i would definitely have this my edges could cope because i look after my hair if u keep the edges maintained an greased properly i dont see the problem ..but all you with weak hair and edges dont go there but i love this


If I knew I’d be able to remove them easily I’d get them. They’d be in a perpetual state of touching up- get the first ones touched up after the last ones were finished, etc, and I wouldn’t get them at mid-calf length, that would pull all my hair out. But they look great!