This Father And Daughter Team Are Natural Hair Goals For Us All [Gallery]

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  1. Nette Mae York

    People on here calling others twisted but honestly when I first looked at this pic I fell in love with it for 2 reasons 1.the hair 2.I saw a man and his woman!! Went back up read the caption and instantly became uncomfortable!! Of course it’s innocent but a different pose should have been used seeing how the daughter is not a toddler but of age!! My opinion!!

  2. Watson Tona Mae

    He!! You say that’s a grown woman kissing a grown man…Show don’t look like a child an father kiss…Look like they bout to have relations

    1. Lani Brooks

      Dude do you see something wrong with this photo? People are idiots. Why is it’s okay for a mother to pose like this with her son but whenever a father is in the picture doing the same damn thing it’s perverted. People are so sick! I bet he treats his daughter like a queen

  3. Tracy Conklin

    It’s a gorgeous picture but I have to say that before I read the caption, I thought that was a couple. I think we have to remember that it’s a still shot and while it comes across a certain way, it is more likely a totally innocent and precious moment between a father and his daughter. And I am totally jealous of the hair. Lol

  4. Philicia Bailey

    Something is off with this pic… It’s perfectly fine to kiss your children but the way how they’re grabbing each others head is a bit odd to me… Idk maybe it’s just me

  5. Tricia Grimes Grant

    Never have liked all that hair on a man. The picture got all these reactions because it is a provocative pose. First he’s shirtless and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. ..none of which are saying father/daughter to me.

  6. Illyanna De Shields

    They posted another picture which is more becoming to people who think it’s off.When I first saw it I knew people would go there.

  7. Tammy Anderson

    A father daughter relationship should be intimate. Despite popular belief intimacy is not synonymous with sex!

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