14 Extraordinary Alopecia Camouflage Cornrows By Braids By Necole

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  1. Lenora Spencer

    I suffer from scaring alopecia, it’s almost impossible for the hair to grow back, I have a small spot and it’s hard to get certain hairstyles. These styles are beautiful and they help with self confidence. God bless your hands

    1. Sharon Watson

      I have the same thing but it’s called discoid lupus. It started as. Small itch spot, dime size, now 10 years later, it’s the size of a peach. It very difficult for me emotionally. It’s not from braids. Autoimmune disease. How do you test yours?

      1. CJ

        I have discoid lupus as well. Hard to find many others that have it. I had a HUGE bald spot at the top of my head. It has grown in, but it very thin and brittle. I just recently had to get 4 injections in the back of my head because of an active lesion on my scalp. Do you get thise?

  2. Laquayva Anthony

    If this is TRACTION Alopecia, then braiding it up would not be a good idea. Regular Alopecia? I would consult a dermatologist or trichologist first before braiding anything. Good job though.

  3. Imani Ife

    Beautiful! These women’s self confidence must have gone through the roof after.

  4. Esther Wanjiku

    Try not to insert traction on an already damaged hair follicles.. The next time this hair is undone,the baldness will have increased

  5. LaShunda Douglas

    Wow so many negative comments and the pictures display a total transformation on problem hair…. Wow… I think this woman’s work is amazing. My mother suffers from major hair loss due to her past illness. I wish you were closer.. Awesome work!!!

  6. Amber Potter

    Aloevera, coconut oil, lemon juice, olive oil, can grow your hair lots of other things too ..

  7. Veronica Barksdale

    What is being done to treat the alopecia? I lost a lot of my hair due to lupus, I mean to the scalp. No braids needed. Time and patience, hair is longer than its ever been.

  8. Debra Robinson

    Necole braided my hair before and she is not only an excellent braider but I beautiful soul . . .

  9. Terry Kearney

    Hair loss due to genetics and damage are two different things. Damaged hair can be treated while genetics it may never grow back and people need a way they can somewhat let their scalp breathe. It’s no fun wearing wigs all the time esp in the summer. I think this is a great idea. Too much of anything is not good.

  10. Leah

    Why are they getting braided weaves added to the little hair they have?! That is was causing the problem. If they want to grow their hair out , they should shave it all off and thrown on a wig . There is no excuse now because they have box braids wigs now !

  11. shirley

    what kind of braiding hair is that

  12. Pam

    Hi Necole. Do you video your work? Any ideas for braids with sides missing?

  13. Ms. Joy

    You are a genius. So proud of you for making so many people feel beautiful again. Keep up the good work. Your hands are gifted.

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