Let Us Take One Last Critical Look At This – Are Extensions On Children A Form of Child Abuse?

After reading a recent post about a mother who received backlash from concerned parents and citizens on social media for installing faux locs on her daughter’s hair, I couldn’t help but wonder when a simple hairstyle which is loved by many suddenly became abusive.

I mean, is it child abuse because faux locs is a style that’s commonly worn by adults?  Or is it child abuse because the child is wearing extensions? Perhaps it’s the tightness of the hairstyle that makes it to be very abusive on the child.

I for one have never considered hair extensions, relaxers, or hair dyes to be appropriate on kids; call me old school, but that’s just my opinion. I know some of you are probably thinking, “Caucasians wear extensions too, so what’s the big deal?”

While you may be right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adults wearing any hairstyle that pleases them, but when it comes to children, caution must be taken on how they are presented to the public.

In fact, prior to my discovery of the natural hair community, I never thought much about extensions on kids because it was so prevalent that it became normal to me. However, I did frown upon relaxers and weaves on children because I know how damaging those hairstyles can be on an adult, let alone on young children.

So, how do children end up wearing extensions and unacceptable (or in some people’s words “abusive”) hairstyles? 

Since our children are a representation of us, they will likely dress in a way that’s similar to the way the parents dress.

This means that moms who grew up in a weave culture won’t see the big deal in fixing a quick weave on their child. And if she grew up believing that a hairstyle has to be tiny and tight, then the child will have no choice but to bear the pain of a new hairstyle.

It’s even worse if the mother has a receding hairline and balded patches as a result of aggressive hairstyles because it can mean bad news for the child’s edges. Also, a mother who got her first relaxer at a young age won’t see anything wrong with relaxing her two years old’s hair. After all, it’s just hair, it will grow back.

Since you can only teach what you know, a mother with inadequate knowledge of healthy hair care won’t have much to teach the child.

As a result, she will likely style the child’s hair in a hairstyle that’s easier and more economical. An example of an economical hairstyle could be braided extensions that will last weeks, though it may be too heavy for the child to carry or a relaxer which can burn the child’s scalp and disturb the child’s natural hair growth cycle.

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About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".

About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".


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Yolanda Hill

Here we go! Now abuse is keeping the Black American child hair kept up is abuse. Please stop the f**kery. ..

Bessed HighlyFavored


Tia Jenée

Um, no :/ Silliest ish I’ve read yet.

Maybell Lena Killion

Not child abuse but should be brought to the attention of the parents that these styles can hurt the child’s head and worse than that, it could cause permanent damage.

Elevia Monroe
Elevia Monroe

I agree. There’s a reason that children scream and cry when they do their hair. Stick to very simple styles and don’t use a comb often (which is mainly the culprit+ tight styles) work mostly with your fingers. Many don’t understand that though and would do tight styles to make their child look “pretty”.

Rose Atkinson

Omg …

Letiesha Edwards

No, I don’t think it is a form of child abuse…

Alia Moore

I had box braids when I was a child. Abuse? Ok. Y’all got it.

I was more scarred by the white children and their verbal abuse re: my hair than anything my mother ever did to it.

Denise Ishida

No. Don’t even try to go there, you are Heathen for allowing that question.

Mahogany Tolbert

Weave yes. Box Braids no. I would wait until they are around 1 to pierce their ears. It think some people think pierce ears are “abuse” because they are looking at it as abuse because you are deciding at a young age to have body modication done on them for your own vanity without giving them a choice of do they want a needle through their ears for beauty purposes .

Shonda Sams

No they not

Denise Mills


Miller Dana

No damn way!!! Who would think that.

Artra Veal

NO! Her hair is fine and gorgeous!!!! Why is this even a topic of discussion? Seriously? I agree with Felicia, not combing your child’s hair is child abuse.

Lashon Graham

You guys no where this came from I just no didn’t nobody black better not I said it

La'Toya Singletary

Wow . no they are not.

Alisha Gail Fantroy

Good God that is just crazy smh

Andrea Dixon

I, personally, would never put any type of extensions in my daughters hair (she’s 3 1/2) but to each his own. As long as you understand the damage it is doing.

Sundra Beard

let’s also look at this holistically. there’s a picture of a little black girl but not only do African Americans put extensions in their child’s hair and I get being excessive with straight extra long hair that’s a bit much but what about the pageant and the extra hair that’s putting these Caucasian girls hair as well and white women wear weave as well so it just seems like this article is a little slanted with the negative light on the African Americans. absolutely not child abuse

Anissa McCall

Ummm NO! gtfoh!

Avon Inheels

Why is it abuse on one of our daughters, but when someone does it to impersonate a n AA woman its ground breaking and acceptable ?!?!

Addie Holman-Holmes

No…but an uncombed head is,….It’s called child neglect.

Pricedhigh Michcole

No, but not so tight people. Who says?

Rose Francis


Val Fowler

No!!! I’d rather children get extensions rather than plastic surgery!

Pamela Smith

I think letting my child go to school with her head looking ratchet and kids picking on her because of it is child abuse. If her hair isn’t growing right, falling out, is damaged for any reason, what is wrong with extensions? You also have to remember, it’s HER SELF ESTEEM that we have to protect as well. And if anyone thinks it’s child abuse to put extensions in her hair, I personally think they have way too much time on their hands and either need to get a hobby or a life…..or both!!

Elisa Evra

Foolish question

Takisha Willis

Smh..the foolery is real!!!!

Dayna Johnson

I think it looks cute on her and it looks age appropriate

Susan Cartwright

No style

Olivia Williams

WTF!!! That’s just crazy. How is it child abuse??!!

Pam Hubbard

I want to get this done for my eight year old

NeNe Johnson

If they were I would have been in jail years ago. Lol

Rasheema Marie Rhyne

I dont think so but I dont believe that a child younger than 4 should have hair extensions.

Tiffany Farmer

IT IS NOT CHILD ABUSE…somebody need a dictionary to look up abuse…now I am not a fan of extensions for children, but that’s just my opinion but I wish they would stop labeling these ladies as abusers…that is a very harsh word/statement!!!!

Ash Ta Ji

Lol y’all are crazy not that I DISRESPECT what my ancestors do but seriously in certain parts of the world some kids have to get pierced with sticks and cut with knives and forced to married grown men as low as 8 years old NOW THAT ABUSE TO THE FULLEST

Trina Truewell

It’s gotta be somebody white asking this damn question….smh…..Nawh bye boo

Gail W Jobe-Garry

It’s child abuse if u not keeping their hair well groom,

Deborah Smith


Cheri Parker Clark

Child abuse?????

Cheryl Downing

Not child abuse. But a child hair isn’t as strong as an adult so if any thing they are damaging the hair but not abuse

Mi'Chal Williams

Anything to take black culture away from them…this is crazy…I have never heard of this. Over so many years of black kids getting their hair done I’m just over people…then when their hair is not done ppl have something to say…#OVERIT

Georgina Marcy

Depends on how tight it is… ; )

Wen Dee Bambino

Nothing wrong with it but extensive braiding will damage a child’s real hair

Sheron Haynes

This is not abuse

Candy Phillips

Its abuse for me but if i choose to do it so be it but for children who have no choice it takes to long it hurts and the tension on the hair and scalp is horrendous

Acenia Jeff

No, its not!! In fact, not doing your daughters hair is a form of child abuse and negligence.

Darline P Watkins

Putting hair extensions in your child’s hair is not abuse. I maybe reaching, however this topic leans towards racial profiling. Trying to say braids with extensions are abuse. Seriously!

Rosa Alvarez

Child abuse? No. My daughter is mixed and I have considered getting some light extensions in her hair. Only because her hair will not hold any twists or braids for more than a day. And I cannot leave her hair loose as it becomes tangled and a big mess. Not to mention the breakage that occurs. So I either have to brush her hair up to twice a day when loose, or restyle her hair every other day at the most. I would love to use some extension to put her hair up into a protective style that will stay for a longer time and help protect it as it continues to grow. Still haven’t done it because I wouldn’t want it to hurt her. But if I found someone who could without hurting her, damaging her hair or scalp and keep it as simple as possible just to achieve the goal of protecting her hair, then perhaps I would go ahead and do it.

Brenda Wi

I agree with you 100%. I got my hair braided tightly, when I was a kid and it was horrible. Tight and heavy hairstyles have no place on a child’s head! People are just trying to find something to nag about and missing your point totally. IF YOU ARE CAUSING YOUR CHILD PAIN WITH THOSE HAIRSTYLES, IT IS CHILD ABUSE!

Sydney Shea Jacobs

Tf? No! People really need to stfu. Everything is child abuse, now