A Lesson On “Hairspiration” For All My Type 4 Naturalistas

And once again, I’m not saying only watch type 4 hair tutorials (there are plenty of natural, non-type 4 haired bloggers whose hair care videos I watch)… I’m just saying it’s pretty cool if you can look to someone with a similar hair texture when it comes to styling and general hair care.

I encourage all of you today to seek out those beautiful type 4 women who you can look to and learn from instead of feeling like you can’t do anything with your hair.

And now, with that being said, here’s a somewhat truncated list (there are so many beautiful type 4 haired women out there!) of some gorgeous and talented women who have been my hairspiration, may already be yours or may indeed end up being yours too:

Chizi Duru

Check out her signature braid out below:

Instagram: @chiziduru

West African Baby

All I can say is this lovely lady regularly demonstrates 4c hair in all its glory. Check out this awesome style below:

Instagram: @westafricanbaby

Vantasia Brumfield

I’ve wanted to try this style for the longest time! It looks so cute and neat. Check it out:

Instagram: @vanlenore

And of course, this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, remember that you can be and are your ultimate source of “hairspiration”; every external role model just adds a bit of spice to the mix or the cherry on the cake, so get in the mirror and create!

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About Ony Anyanwu

Hey, I'm Ony. A student who loves writing about stuff, like hair. Finding my way ✌

About Ony Anyanwu

Hey, I'm Ony. A student who loves writing about stuff, like hair. Finding my way ✌


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  1. Linda Burnham

    I’ve been wearing protective styles for a year now as I’ve become frustrated with my hair. At this point I am tired of protective styles. I’ve been looking for styles that I can wear that won’t end up in a hot mess after working out or having to re-twist my hair every night after working out. My wrists started hurting from twisting my hair every night and that’s when I turned to protective styles. I’ve been natural 2 years. Hair shouldn’t be so much work.

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