4 Ways Rachel Dolezal Tried To Use Black Hair Styles To Fool The NAACP About Her Race

Rachel Dolezal

From Jezebel.com

I debated and debated about writing this post, but I kept coming back to the point that I wanted us to have the conversation on our platform and if I did not write it, we would be robbed of that opportunity.

Rachel Dolezal has been in the news heavy this week. In case you were under a rock or on some fabulous vacation taking a break from social media, she is the white woman that posed as a black woman for over 30 years leading the Spokane Washington Chapter of the NAACP.

I won’t get into the politics of it all, I will let Twitter handle that with #askrachel tweets. What was apparent to me was how much she changed her hair and how effective her hair must have been in keeping up ‘appearances’.

I know there are other things that she used to fool the people around her but we cannot deny that she incorporated more ‘ethnic’ hair styles in order to nail the ‘black’ look.

Here are 4 ways Rachel Dolezal used ethnic hairstyles:

1. She opted to go natural over straight

Rachel Dolezal

On speculating this choice we assume that pretending to be black probably went over much easier if your hair is kinkier or curly.

With straight hair she would look more like this:

Rachel Dolezal

2. She would rock some box braids in a minute

box braids

Box braids are traditionally popular in the black community so she would opt for box braids to cover her blonde straight hair from time to time.

3. She even tried faux locs

faux locs

She looks white to me in that picture but that’s easy for me to say now when there are a ton of people who were clearly fooled. Faux locs again are popular with black girls so they were all appropriate styles for the persona she was trying to be.

4. She gave lectures on the history of black hair

Here is Rachel showing how much she understood the value of black hair as part of our aesthetic and a part of how we use hair to define ourselves.

I do not know whether to be offended at Rachel’s obvious false association with black women, or offended at the fact that she called herself a type 4A.

One thing is for sure Rachel is very educated about black history and what she thinks makes us tick and what actually does make us tick.

She made me think about how deeply rooted in hair we are and at some point in my thoughts I got pretty offended because how dare someone slap on some box braids and call herself black, after all I am more than a bunch of braids and faux locs.

The problem is we are deeply rooted in hair and we are so invested in the fact that box braids are a black hair style that if a white woman did wear them we would scream appropriation immediately.

I cannot speak on the mindset of Rachel but I will say that if this was a social experiment it did open my eyes to the fact that pretending to be black is probably a lot easier than it ought to be.

Lets talk about it, Do you find Rachel’s use of black hairstyles to perpetuate her ‘blackness’ particularly offensive?


About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Mildred Blanchard

not offensive…. just f**ken stupid!!!!

Imani Calhoun-Riley

she should have slicked them “baby hairs” down!! Lol..

Sophronia Sang

Her stylist did a good job though. I don’t know what to think about her at all. I really can’t even form an opinion on this one. I’m neither here nor there, i guess.

Trish Adams

Lol i know… Black folks on another post are getting mad me for saying i wasnt gonna be mad at her until i know the story and all of a sudden im a coon lol smh

Diane C. Dejean

She looks good…black, white, navy blue, whatever. Next topic.

Cammi Gwater

The point is, she isn’t black and she shouldn’t be the leader of NAACP. Next topic.

Diane C. Dejean

There’s more important issues going on….NEXT TOPIC.

Myrica Elyse

Well she is and had been for quite some time now. So…….. Who was complaining then?

Liana Santiago

If she’s advocating for the rights of African Americans and minorities and fulfilling the mission of the NAACP then there’s nothing wrong with her being the leader of it. Wake up from that small minded mentality


Ummm i think the issue is ethics and integrity. To me, there is something eerily worng with a person representing themselves to something they are not.


You just hit the nail dead on its head! She’s a fraud.

Diane C. Dejean

Exactly @ Myrica

Myrica Elyse

Ok so she wants to be a woman of color. She’s done an awesome job portraying one as the leader of the NAACP. Big deal? She hasn’t once had a soul question her intentions until she was revealed to be white… And….? Moving on. As long as she does her job in her position and genuinely does it with the heart that we see, what’s the big fuss?

Aleathea Velvetvonblack Worthington

How can she advocate anything on melanian ppl? When she doesn’t really know our struggles or issues. She just seems confused to me.

Myrica Elyse

But who says she can’t like black style? We have great variety in hair styles. Why can’t she choose to have that style?

Aleathea Velvetvonblack Worthington

Sure be helpful towards the cause. But she was too extreme. Definitely an identity crisis for sure.

Diane C. Dejean

She’s human…advocating for human rights, more specifically African American. So what, she identifies herself as black, its different but shes happy

Aleathea Velvetvonblack Worthington

It’s far beyond hairstyles for me. She portrayed herself something that she wasn’t, And you don’t find that unsettling?

Myrica Elyse

Maybe… But that’s for her to face. We have beautiful skin and hair… I wouldn’t trade my color for anything…ijs it doesn’t matter to me. To each it’s own

Diane C. Dejean


Diane C. Dejean

Look, im going to have a drink. A “white martini”….am i wrong for that? Enjoy your evening and weekend!

Myrica Elyse

What’s unsettling is all this time ppl have been in her corner and all of a sudden her skin color comes out and its a fit of rage going on. What exactly did she do wrong?

Aleathea Velvetvonblack Worthington

I understand she’s human, I didn’t say otherwise. I said how can she say she’s something she’s not (clearly). Sure be a support for melanin ppl. Wear your hair embrace the culture. Don’t go around saying you are what you aren’t. Is all I’m saying.

Aleathea Velvetvonblack Worthington

I dnt even follow the NAACP. Thelat was started by white ppl. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m saying yet again. Don’t say you are something you are not. There are plenty of races with curly natural hair that wear braids. AGAIN I don’t care about here hairstyle. It’s the fact she said she’s half black. Why go there?

Darian McDuel

People on Fb make me laugh. I’m going to have a drink…a white martini…LMFAO. Well drink up and stop thinking you sound correct, important, or any type of authority. Are you wrong for that? No. Wut you are wrong about is one, that cave bitch does not look good. Two, that cave bitch should leave our culture alone. White folks embracing our cultutre has always been a problem. Do you see me skin bleachin and tryina join a surf club? No my nigga.

Darian McDuel

The problem is white folks step outta bounds, and then weak niggaz who don’t know enough about themselves to love themselves sit back and say it’s okay. No it is not. Are there more important issues? Sure, but all you niggaz replied to this more than once so apparently nothing your doing is that important.

Darian McDuel

You weak niggaz make it hard on all of us when white folks continue to take our shit. That’s what it’s about. It’s about the fact that the NAACP was founded by mostly white folks to begin with, why did that cave bitch even have to front? The problem is niggaz like you who get on here and argue with nigga that are really about something hoping to get some other FB loser to join their cheering section. You’re whack. And the fact that you don’t see the problem, is the problem. Fuck this white bitch. I didn’t ask no pale face to fight for my human rights. Malcolm X pretty much started that whole ordeal. Not nobody in the NAACP. Why don’t you think about the fact that there are countless organizations like the NAACP that are supposedly fighting for any type of rights for black people while we still get mistreated and shot down. And then ask me what the problem with white folks leading your struggle is. They’ve been doing that. And look where it’s gotten us so far. You have a nice night, weekend, and enjoy your “Cracka” Martini.

Erica Nicole


La'Tamara Monique

If Bruce Jenner can be comfortable as “Caitlyn Jenner”, Rachel can be comfortable as identifying herself as black. I don’t feel she did that to be rude or racist.

Candice Calvin

Missing them edges so she should avoid the lace fronts from now on

Gloria Annett Gracey

She looks better this way!!lol

Trish Adams

I like this lady so far but we shall see as the story develops

Sophronia Sang

Lol. Deal!

Lakeema Toles

No but she wears it well. bye

Ashley Gaines

No, her hairstyles are not offensive, that’s how a lot of black woman wear their hair and she wants to be associated with black woman. Her hair actually looks good and very natural.

Ashley Gaines

Lol,yea I agree

Nkesha Wright

Naturally nappy

Michelle C Morton


Nefertari Azure

She lied about her very existence. Are you kidding me?

Nefertari Azure

Anyone can wear a hairstyle, or clothes sure. It’s still a problem when you become a walking talking mintrel show, darkening your skin and going so far as to claim you’re black. Even paying off actors to pretend they are your family. No, that’s called racial appropriation, that’s what that tells me. Anyone who is ok with what this woman did, I’ll pray for you.

Natasha Edwards

Natural u mean perm lol

Yolanda Hill

Nope! Who decides what hair style is Black! ?! Stop the madness…

Barbarette Howard

No.Her stylist slayed her hair. ..plus baby tan is on fleek.. She fooled me

Amethysts Curvèe

Exactly! She looks better as a black woman.

Missfaison Plus NiaandJae

Me 2…. That hair looks kinkish Lol

Lawanda Jones

Didn’t they say she was recognized for her work in the NAACP? I’m saying let her embrace the black culture that she’s helping towards equality. What’s the difference with our people bleaching our skin…wearing weaves of different hair types other than their own??? Maybe she came about it wrong just straight faking the funk…she could of been more honest to the world but let’s not forget her accomplishments.

Out of Ashes to Beauty

I personally don’t believe the comparisons are equal. There is a difference between cultural association and cultural appropriation. Rachel went a step further and actually claimed to be a BW. That is manipulation and misrepresentation. Her “accomplishments” came at the expense of BW only. Many white people attend Howard or are apart of the NAACP. She could have entered into those spaces as a White woman. She chose to instead “become” Black, without any of the burdens and maintaining the privilege she’s supposed to be dismantling. She purposely made a mockery out of Black women and how Black women fail to see the obvious game she’s playing is beyond me. Women like her are no ally to Black women.

Whitney Jones

What you said Lawanda!!!

Nisha Wynn

Some ppl feel trapped being who they really are to each its own if its not hurting anyone. See its her choice n these will be her consequences so why is the next worried. We need to focus more on ourselves n what we ourselves are doing for our communities.

Lawanda Jones

Imitation of Life(1959)….2015!

Michelle C Morton


Jessicia Miller

As long as she accomplished something for that black community although it was based on lies and false pretenses we’re supposed to except it! Black’s are changing their appearances because they’ve been ridiculed, belittled, beaten, harassed, single out and so much more for being who they are (no comparison) how is her accomplishments benefiting us as a people?!? The way I see it; she took from an educated black woman who could’ve done the same thing for our people without lying and pretending to be someone she wasn’t! Anything is acceptable in our community as long as it hasn’t hurt us (physically) do you know the damage caused behind a lie?? This is a lost world!

Suzette Hinds-Riddick

To be honest, I get both points being made here and I agree with them all.

Nefertari Azure

Racial appropriation is never ok.

Nefertari Azure

She didn’t just disguise herself as black. She ran around telling people she was born in a teepee and hunted for food with bows and arrows… She earned a full ride at Howard by pretending to be black, earned leadership positions and even jobs as a model and a professor by pretending to be black… denying opportunities to real black women by pretending to be black.

How many good things can she possibly be doing when she’s elbowing real black women out of positions (like teaching a course on what it’s like to be a black woman) by pretending to be a black woman? There’s no defending this lady. No defense.

Marshuna Williams

Should white people, Indian or Peruvian people be upset with us and/or our clients when we get a new sew-in for trying to look like them? Personally, I’m flattered at how far she went aesthetically to look like us. My issue is with lying about the real-life problems (RACISM) that we go through.

Kim Tezeno

No they shouldn’t be upset with us because a black woman will tell you I have on brazilian hair not I’m from Brazil

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

Oh please the difference is black women, and all others, aren’t trying “to look like them” when they get that done to them it’s just a nice hairstyle. She did this specifically to look and perpetuate being black.

Marshuna Williams

Not all of them. I have met quite a few black women who NEVER come out of their weaves because they lie about their ethnicity. Plus identity crisis is much more common in our community than theirs, hence why this little occurrence is such a big deal. We’ve been “passing” since Jim Crow this right here is new. Also, I don’t know how long you been wearing weave, but that tackiness of bragging on what kind of hair you have in is somewhat new.

Marshuna Williams

Mrs’Leonard how come they aren’t? For every 1 who gets a weave just because she thinks it’s a nice hairstyle it’s 3 more doing it because they hate their natural hair.

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

And? They’re brainwashed by the white standard and have no pride in who they are and are ALWAYS called out even one this page but now we have a white woman doing it and you all are loving it. You’d be the first one talking about self hate if she were black, NOT saying if she identifies, it’s flattering, who are we to say what white is etc. The delusion, double standard and hypocrisy is hilarious. But yall gone head and coon for this white woman, oops I mean black.

Marshuna Williams

Can you read?! I NEVER took up for her, I said my issue was not with the hair it was with everything else. So, my apologies, I said lying about experiencing racism. So, let me be very clear to you extra pro blacks since I’m such a coon and trader to my race. I have no issues with her trying to look like us, I take it as a true and pure compliment of how beautiful we really are my issue is with her lying about and saying she is black. Is that better for you? It still doesn’t change all the facts in everything else I’ve stated and please believe I have no issue with black women who are embarrassed and confused, they are just as comical as this chick.

Amber Grigsby

No because when we wear all those types of hair, we aren’t saying we’re Indian, Peruvian, or Brazilian. there’s a huge difference between mimicking a look, and being in an identity crisis. Some crossdressers dress like women but still recognize they r men. Same thing, yet with that being said she still has so many accomplishments.

Marshuna Williams

Amber, read what I initially posted and read ALL my comments especially the one right above yours. I ain’t (yeah I said ain’t) mad about the hair. Least of my worries, I don’t like that she lied about being black, and I most def don’t like that she lied about experiencing racism. And I don’t care what y’all say, we don’t know or haven’t met the same people but I know women who do lie about their ethnicity! Just because you don’t doesn’t make it not true!

Amber Grigsby

Lol Marshuna Williams come on your aren’t black if you don’t say ain’t, lol. jk. I read your comments I’m saying the general post that speak to that opinion, there’s a lot.

Exquisite Diamond


Marshuna Williams

LOL! And I get the frustration with what some ppl posted. But we as a people worry about the wrong things all the time! Like yo homegirl up yonder with MrsLeonard Nimoy as her facebook name, you so pro black why is that non black man your profile pic and fb name (btw you aren’t his type 😉 ) with your pro black self! Y’all mad about some hairstyles, I’m mad about her trying to claim an oppression she has no idea about!

Exquisite Diamond

Marshuna i agree if she wants to be a beautiful black women let her hi5 her i find it more distasteful to be a grown man with grandchildren to at 60 chop your manhood off yet people are excepting it no one knows this womans story you only know what tge media whats you to know there are more important things going on in this world besides a white woman wanting to be black

Marshuna Williams

YAAASSSS!!! Exquisite Diamond, I think I love you! <3 We and I say we as a nation and particularly a race (because I personally do NOT condone or agree with that foolishness) celebrated this confused old he who wants to be a she...but we mad at her for wanting to be black?! I'm from Detroit, 90% the white ppl who lived inside city limits wanted to be black, all these lil white kids in Virginia Beach (Norfolk, Portsmouth to) swear the hood! They dress like us, do they hair like us, talk like us all while usually only doing and saying the NEGATIVE things we over look all that. But, we want to beat down this white woman who is actually doing good things while saying she's one of us...This is not the only post focusing on her hair, a lot of them are. Y'all mad she got braids, but ain't tripping on her racism allegations :- but I'm the coon, LOL yeah ok... This ain't the first white girl with braids!

L Danielle Franklin

^ I’m looking across Telegraph like ” hey girl!” Lol

L Danielle Franklin

I have been busy and not following the story wholeheartedly. So I may be off base… Maybe her stories of racism are true. Perhaps things happened to her after she started walking in our shoes.

Marshuna Williams

Hey boo! LOL!

Marshuna Williams

And L Danielle, that may very well be the case! I even thought about that, another reason I really ain’t mad for real just a little irritated. So many women covet us in secret at least she out open with it…and her openness could have easily caused more heartache than she expected.

Jessicia Miller

Those people were not ridiculed, belittled, beaten, despised, lied on and I can go on and for being who they were! Black’s have endured mental, emotional, and physical abuse for decade’s! You comparing a white woman who lied and pretended to be someone she wasn’t to benefit her life (not the black community) show’s how out of touch you are with your community! Of course blacks bleach their skin and wear weave duh we’ve never been accepted for who we are!

Nefertari Azure

I’m disgusted at the people who have the nerve to compare transgenderism to being “transracial” (which, will NEVER be a thing).

They are completely different things. Scientific studies have proven that people who identify as transgender, also THINK and act like the sex they believe themselves to be. To say transracial is the same as transgenderism is to believe that there is a such thing as thinking and acting like a certain race, which in itself, is racist. No, what this woman did was appropriate a race for her own personal and social gains. She is a fraud and a liar. Transgendered people also don’t go around lying about who their family is and you usually know they were born a certain way because they tell you. This woman tried to hide who she was, lied about her race, even elbowed other ACTUAL deserving black women out of a full ride scholarship to Howard University because of the lie(s) she told.

I’m going to pray for this woman as well as the people who think this is ok.

Nefertari Azure

This is also why LOGIC should be taught in all schools, because it is completely illogical to justify this by comparing it to transgenderism. Not the same in the LEAST.

Nefertari Azure

Also you said “at least she’s open about it”?? She wasn’t open about it, that’s why it’s a problem! She actually hired a black actor to pretend he was her father and told people her adopted black brother was her child! She cut off contact with her REAL parents once she started saying she was black!

Hell she wasn’t open about this at all; her BIRTH parents are the ones who exposed her once they found out what she was doing!

Marshuna Williams

When they start teaching LOGIC I pray they reintroduce READING COMPREHENSION as well. Because while it’s apparent that a few of you can read a little bit, NONE of you can comprehend at all! If being out of touch with my community means not being upset because a white woman wore some “black” hairstyles. Oh, well I guess I’ll holla at ya’ll whenever! And please be disgusted with me because identity crisis is identity crisis, being confused about your gender is just as insane as being confused about your race!

Nefertari Azure

The problem is she wasn’t confused at all. That’s what you are failing to understand. She is completely AWARE of what she was doing. She got paid millions to stand in front of people on stage and talk about her “experiences growing up black” that NEVER happened. She elbowed REAL black women out of the positions she took up, lying about being black.

She commodified the black experience and wore it like a costume. It is MUCH more to it than changing your hair or your looks. You are not catching that. Did you know that she also wrote and sent racist hate letters to HERSELF just to drag this lie out and made up lies about her “children” (who are actually her adopted brothers) being threatened? Even her stories about being victimized were all a LIE. Do you know how much money was wasted since the police actually tried to investigate the claims she made?? Tax payer dollars were wasted because of her bullshit!

The end certainly does not justify the means, once again. Her lie(s) caused more harm than good. Her credibility, integrity, ethic, etc is all questionable now.

Let me know when a black person can change their race and never face oppression anymore. Let me know when they can freely change their race and never be profiled or pulled over for “driving while black”.

Changing gender and “changing race” (which will NEVER be a thing) will never be the same thing and will never be comparable. Thanks for showing that you possess no type of logical sense whatsoever. You can’t choose what race you are, but you certainly have a choice in whether or not you remain ignorant in life.

Kahlil Mays

Transracial is a thing.. Idk why y’all freaking out

Nyala Nan

Good point!!

Nefertari Azure

Kahlil Mays if you believe that then you believe racial/cultural appropriation is ok then, because that’s what “transracialism” is, by definition. Smh.

Jessicia Miller

It wasn’t about white women wearing hairstyles that are black it was the comparison of black women wearing weave which I believe I read correctly!

Marshuna Williams

LOL! Your not at all as smart as you think you are sweety. The name of this forum is “Blackhairinformation .com” BLACK HAIR (hair is the key word) the intial question that sparked this debate was “DO YOU FIND RACHEL’S USE OF BLACK HAIRSTYLES TO PERPETUATE HER ‘BLACKNESS’ OFFENSIVE?” I responded in kind, plus stated what it was I was actually offended by. My initial response —-> ” Should white people, Indian or Peruvian people be upset with us and/or our clients when we get a new sew-in for trying to look like them? Personally, I’m flattered at how far she went aesthetically to look like us. My issue is with lying about the real-life problems (RACISM) that we go through.”

Marshuna Williams

I apologize for only speaking of HAIR in a HAIR forum. :- I hope you feel all the sarcasm oooozzzing from this statement.

Nakia Longmore

When black women wear peruvian or brazilian hair ir has nothing to do with trying to be another race ugh its just a hairstyle…rachel can wear whatever hairstyle she wants…the problem is she lied and disclaimed her race

Stacie Flin

I find her cultural appropriating self tricking for a job offensive. She’s been sabotaging black people in need at that NAACP.

Christina Maxwell

i agree with la’tamara….if bruce can change to the woman he felt he was on the inside then why can she change to the black woman she clearly wants to be….

Lawana Baker- Diagne

Leaves this lady alone please !

Sharon Denise

Bam!! Right now!!

Amethyst C. Legree

When you lie about it when applying for a position especially at the NAACP that’s not cool.

But if she wants to express the fact that her far far far far far back ancestors came from Africa, and she wants to embrace that. Fine by me.
Go on ahead.

Shannon LoveAlways

No different than people who claim to be Native American.

Amethyst C. Legree

And people shouldn’t claim to be Native American if they aren’t.
I am part Native American.
I can trace my roots back.
My Great Great Grandma was full blooded Native America.
But you know, I don’t know anything about my Native American roots, so I never check that box.

I may tell someone I have Native American Ancestry, but it would be idiotic for me to go on about me being Native American when I don’t know anything about it.
Both my parents are African American, and that what I identify with.

Ms Moneyca

I think she may have some black in her and that mama probably cheated on pops so she wants to expose her. Lol! Who knows!!

Yanika Malcolm

This is so strange… Seems no one is satisfied with how they were created… id love to hear her speak on this

HeatherTruly BlessedTaylor

Braids are a black hairstyle? Nah… I don’t think so!

Erica Adam

Exactly!! Like the whole love yourself motto went out of the window sadly…

Nichole Lockhart

Nope I’m flattered

Prue Mulenga Chomba

She looks better black

Shamika MomofTwo Wilkerson

Knock a real women for living her life as a different culture but praise a man with a rack of kids for turning into a women. Smdh AnythING but black!! That’s the moral of the story!

Sara Elizabeth Bryant

Agreed! The only thing that’s weird to me is her lying on the job application, even though those questions are optional. Come to think of it I thought they were also confidential.

Otherwise who cares how she identifies, my own daughter is mixed and at just 7 identifies as black only. What I haven’t heard is whether she’s good at her job. If she’s doing great things for the community then leave the woman be.

Melissa Hines

Shes helping our ppl of color not hurting

Melissa Hines

She gets the black pass.


Jamie Dedman Thomas

I’m not sure how to feel about this…

Oa Brown

what you mean tried! she succeded at that!!!!

Lisa Harris

I don’t know if it’s because she’s been perpetuating a fraud for so long or what, but, she looks like she’s got some Negro in her.

Tiffany Jackson

No, what I find offensive is blacks acting white on a daily basis. Caught up in an identity crisis and no one say shit.But,a white Chick get exposed and she working for the pepole of color and everyone have a bullshit opinion. Hypocrites….

Lily Fox

She can be black or blue if she wants to, leave her be . Nonsense

Shannon LoveAlways

How can we be mad at her when many of us wear bone straight weave, perm our hair, wear colored contacts, color our hair blonde, etc??

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

Because we’re not wearing it to pretend to be or desire to be another race.You can’t be serious? Blonde hair is not exclusive to only white people there are blacks with natural blonde hair as well as bone straight hair and different color eyes. Oh and white women wear perms to make their hair curly, black women/latinas wear relaxers to make it straight.

Shannon LoveAlways

I’m not talking about the ones who have it naturally. I’m talking about the chick who wears platinum blonde weave and blue contacts, for example. Are we not happy with what God gave us? I’m not downing the fact that people like to alter or enhance their appearance, I’m just putting it out there. I merely said what I said to play devil’s advocate. People are jumping down her throat but don’t want point out others who alter their appearance.

Angie Lewis

I’m flattered honestly. 🙂 Go Rachel! But give that position at the NAACP to an actual woman of color, who has the same or even more accolades to handle the task at hand!! 😉

Shanta Watson

NAACP are standing by her.

Angie Lewis

Well if she’s brought change and made an indelible impact, then I understand why they would.

Heather Marie

I’m not offended but I am wondering how she look so different from her earlier years. Is it make up or a tan. She looks great and some people identify with how they feel. Why did her parents attack her like that is my question.

Tiffany Jackson

We all have struggles and problems. The government is against us all.Divided and conquer… Like this story more bullshit to get the black race attention so they cam keep dumbing us down and fucking us with no grease…. Wake up pepole!!!!

Shelly Powell

Lonnie ammons u funny

Audrey Atkins

She looks Scotian and black

Zoe Zoleka

I’m tryin to figure out how she changed herself so much, in her old pics she looks white. but she fooled us lol

Audrey Atkins

She went to Jamaica got some dick and a spliff a red stripe.. And a tan came back ..decided she was black 🙂

LR Cnr

That hair is cute! I can’t lie!

Selna Merilan

Hum, all I hear is how she change her hair, how she stile her hair.. we hair and more hair.. is that we all about..

Ella Jo'Ella

Gosh leave this woman alone already!!!

Treva J. Kelly


Stephanie Watts

She may be black… Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe…

Kim Tezeno

For me it’s about the deceit…all the lies she has had to tell and my hair defines me its frustrating that black people are so quick to accept everything

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

THANK YOU! One lady even wrote a comment thanking everyone and how proud she is everyone is ok with this. smh

Cynthia King

The reason why we accept things is because we know the struggle and we believe in the power of God. Yes she lied. It was wrong. But should we be angry with her? She helped us. People like our color. I know I do.

Chandra Houston

She lied, infiltrated the NAACP, and we should accept it. Nope!! I’m insulted because she probably used affirmative action to do it.

Karla Harley

Exactly! Look how fast we accepted slavery. .most of us even loved it. .to the extent of bein house niggas. .Sambos. .and bedwenches. They loved it so much. .they raised their offspring to love it. .and that’s why we see so many today. .who are accepting this bullshit. It’s comical that a white woman who paints herself brown. .and wears cornrows. .is all over news outlets..and bein hailed a hero. .but REAL black women who deal with BULLSHIT everyday. .because of our brown skin. .are mocked ..insulted. .and humiliated. .often by BLACK MEN..but they love THIS fraud. Bullshit!

Cali Réz

She lied and got a full Howard scholarship!

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

No black ppl accepting, like we’re mentioning, do it b/c they’re desperate for approval & feel they’ve “made it” if “others” like something or appropriate something blacks do & don’t see how every other race and ethnicity is allowed somehting just for them but blacks aren’t. It has nothing to do with “struggle” or power of God b/c not even every black person believes in God or faced oppression, so what then?

Kim Tezeno

Cynthia king sorry she did not help me and knowing God and struggle has been our down fall far too long…I’m sure that’s why we got on the boat because we trust God…at some point in our existence we have to stand and fight and not sing hymns…we were beat and hung for this same thing she is doing even if one of our parents were white

Kim Tezeno

And I’m not angry with her I’m disgusted….but not surprised white people lie to us to get what they want and we lay down and take it

Karla Harley

She used that color. .to get that job…those resources. It ain’t about HELPIN US. It was about HELPIN HERSELF. We are so fuckin gullible. We will go along with any damn thing. .just to get along. But look, a poor black woman sends her poor black child to a GOOD white school. .in a community they didn’t belong to..just for an equal shot at a good education. .and they sent HER black ass to prison. See how crooked shit is?

Chandra Houston

Exactly Kim exactly

Sharonda Green

Right cuz! Most people don’t understand it’s about the deceit and the lies! Who knows what she has done since she has been posing as a black woman….better yet posing as a black woman who works with the NAACP….who know what she has done since she’s been in that position!

Orlondo Woodley Cottery

Black people been passing for years and I haven’t seen anyone against them. ( The imitation of life ) great movie watch it.

Keren Ingram

Oh god here we go, another offended person. Calm down she can embrace black culture to

Keren Ingram

And she’s done nothing but good google her track record then talk about her . It’s the media playing a game to keep black people hating white people…don’t feed into it lol

Kim Tezeno

Karen her track record only exist because of her deceit….a white woman infiltrates a black organization and silly black people are cool with this…

Natalie Drinkard

I’m just wondering how did her lying about being black hurt anyone? People lie every damn day. So she’s white trying to pass for black. How does that effect you in any way? Hell woman lie about their age their weight hell even their hair. Who cares? Now that everyone knows the truth now what? Does the world come to an end?

Natalie Drinkard

And I don’t think I’m silly because I don’t care that she thinks she’s black. Lol I think its silly that people are mad over stupid shit

Rochelle Whiting

Let’s not forget that the NAACP was founding not only by black ppl as well yes she went about things the wrong way but she’s the best faker out there doing positive things with it. Just my opinion

Rochelle Whiting


Gail Parker

She’s a human being just like me, in my opinion enough said.

Dora McCoy

Lmao I immediately thought of Dave Chappelle’s racial draft skit

Bernie QueenBee Blake

This how we wear our hair…. We shouldn’t be offended

Bernie QueenBee Blake

She be black if she wants…no problem here

Phoenix McGee

Nope. She was doing a damn good job.

Kristi Collins

Its actually an honour…black is beautiful!!

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