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    hello everyone. i just wanted to know why its good to get a trim and if you dont trim your hair can it change your hair type and make your hair hard.




    Hey hon, it is absolutely nec to trim your hair. You have to remember that the oldest part of your hair are the ends and they are the most fragile. They split, get dry, they tangle they do the absolute most when you just leave them un trimmed for years on end.

    some people trim once a yr and just cut off a good two inches, especially when they have retained a good amount of length all year long.

    I want you to read this post:

    The Best Way To Trim Curly Hair Without Losing Too Much Length

    hope it helps



    I second what Petra said, Trimming takes all the damaged ends out so they don’t travel up Your hair.

    on my journey to grow my hair out I did something stupid and never trimmed my hair for 6 months because I wanted to grow longer, it did grow longer but the split ends made their ways to 1/2 of my hair and I had to cut them all out and start again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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