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    I have been transitioning from relaxed to natural for over a year, in June it will be 18 months and i am planning to do my big chop then. However, lately I have been thinking about what comes after the big chop. I can’t wait to do it so I can wear my natural hair and try different styles but when I see people online (e.g. YouTubers) do the big chop, they always go back tp wearing some sort of protective style afterwards such as wigs or braids. It made me think if I have to keep wearing protective styles in order to retain length of my natural hair since it can be quite fragile. I understand that I have to wear protective styling sometimes to not overwork my hair but will I have to do this most of the time? I was looking forward to wearing my hair out a lot after my big chop but will i be able to do this and still retain length?

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