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    Hey, everyone. I’m new to this site and I want to start a hair journey/new hair regimen but don’t know where to begin. Both my parents are african american and I have relaxed hair. It is thick in texture and is of medium length but is also suffering from some damage. It began late last year when I noticed that part of my hair that should have be healthy and about the same length as the rest of the surrounding hair, looked shorter than it should’ve been. I continued my normal hair regimen hoping that it was nothing that my normal care for my hair couldn’t fix. It’s progressed to point where that area became brittle and dry. Now it’s has spread to the other side of my head. So I decided to start researching ways to fix it and found this site. I want to better my hair regimen so Ican grow long healthy hair that hopefulyl will reach my mid-back or waist. For the past 3 Years I’ve used a combination of the Organic root stimulator products and Doogro products. I like the moisture I experienced with the ORS and the growth I got from Doogro. I hope I won’t have to change drastically from the products I’m using but I will. In the past my regimen was Using the Doogro miosturizing gro shampoo and ORS olive oil replenishing conditioner and the Doogro medicated hair vitalizer triple strength grease to wash and grease my hair once a week. I used the ORS olive oil box perms once a month and after conditioning greased my hair with same grease. For styling, I ususally do a wrap or blow dry my hair to spread the grease from root to end and sleep in a satin cap every night. Some other products I use are the ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion and Oil Sheen Spray. Is it possible for me to stay with this brand but change which items I use and the way I use them? Or should I do something completly different? Please help me figure out and what I should use and how I should use them. Sincerely, Leoti


    Alma Ruddock

    Wow, it sounds like you have classic over processed hair. You also have a LOT to read about how to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen. At the moment your reggie sounds like you have way too many unhealthy hair habits. You are relaxing way too often. You really ought to stretch them to at least every 10 weeks. May I point you in the direction of the relaxed hair section of the site to get you started? https://blackhairinformation.com/category/by-type/relaxed-hair/ You will probably have to open your mind to a larger range of products than what you are using because it doesn’t sound like you have protein in your regimen and you are using hair grease way too much. No protein means no strength to your hair. TBH you really need to completely switch your regimen around. I would recommend that you start with this simple regimen here then adjust it to fit your needs https://blackhairinformation.com/beginners/finding_a_regimen/a-healthy-hair-regimen-for-relaxed-hair/


    Coily Lana
    @Coily Lana

    Leoti I feel your pain. I went natural several years ago because I was tired of having chemical applications that damaged my hair. If you have a decent hairdresser, they should be sharing products with you that work for relaxed hair and your situation.

    ORS is okay, in a mediocre sort of way. With relaxed hair you REALLY need products that are specially formulated (preferably of salon/professional quality) to deal with the situation. Here’s my recommendations. I’ll try to keep it simple.

    Keracare 1st Lather Shampoo (WITH sulfates): it preps for the Hydrating shampoo and helps remove build up from all the silicones you’ll need in your styling products to protect from heat damage.

    Keracare Hydrating Detangler: Moisturizes and detangles hair prior to conditioning

    Cholesterol treatments// Aphogee protein treatments: This requires some delicate balance. Protein treatments will harden the hair, which you need with all the damage you have, so you need to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner afterwards. Keep doing this until you notice the breakage stops. (Keracare also sells protein and deep conditioners for commercial use, but the two I mentioned could be just as good for less money)

    Moisturizing Conditioner: This is what you’ll be using after your Protein treatments and cholesterol treatments to help close the cutlcles and detangle the hair. Keracare’s humecto conditioner is okay, but like many other people have mentioned over the net, it just seems OKAY. You can start with this and/or experiment with other products until you find the right fit.

    L.O.C.method: This is something a lot of naturals are doing to retain moisture, but I think it can help you as well. Start with a leave in conditioner that has UV protectors. That’s super important with chemically relaxed hair. Normally professional products cover this. An oil of your choosing (i.e.- olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil; extra virgin and cold-pressed because those are the best quality and yes it does make a difference. Coconut oil can be used for a pre-poo treatment as well to buffer the shampoo so you retain more moisture. Coconut oil also penetrates the hair shaft, which you need, so you can start with a brand like Nutiva sold at most supermarkets) Use your moisturizing cream while your hair is still wet right after applying these products. This is where you can reuse your ORS moisturizing cream.

    Styler: Whatever you use should state that it helps to protect from heat. I would opt for styles that require little to no heat in order to stop damaging your hair any further. A good product would have stopped the damage before it started. Your hair sounds long enough for you to slick it back in a bun on some occasions or you can roller set your hair. Only blow dry and use hooded dryers on medium to low heat.


    – Hair is dead so it really never repairs. The treatments just act as a filler, like spackle in sheetrock, to fill in the wholes created by chemical damage. Get those ends trimmed. If you don’t have anyone you trust to do it, go to your nearest beauty supply store, invest in a decent pair of sharp hair scissors, and trim them yourself. You should be able to get a good pair for your use under $20. Only use it for your hair.

    – Make sure the clothes you wear do not catch on your hair. The friction can cause your already delicate hair to break

    – Wear protective styles to keep your hair tucked away on occasions when you do have to wear clothes that would cause damage.

    – Get a better hairdresser. if your hair is having these issues, your hairdresser should be pointing it out and correcting the problem. He/she should also be making product recommendations. It’s their job!

    – Make sure you’re not sleeping on cotton pillowcases. Most black women I know don’t do this anyway, but make sure you have your hair wrapped up at night in a satin scarf.

    Hope that helps.

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