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    I have an 8 yr old daughter with natural hair that’s extremely hard to comb through. After I wash it I can kind of get through it. I tried cantu and it helps very little and its the same with my hair. What products can I use to take the pain away and make combing our hair easier? I also, have a 16 yr old son that has dry hair no matter what he does it continues to stay dry no shine at all.

    Thank you



    Tambra Hollamon @

    Kinky Curly “knot today” leave in conditioner


    Danielle Hamilton @

    Africans pride leave in conditioner, always dampen hair before adding products to open cuticles. Castor oil and shea butter thats all you need. My daughter has 4c hair its dropped out plenty times because of eczema. Its flourishing lovely thick and healthy x


    Joycelyn Cannon @

    Prepoo and detangle in small sections. Moisturize using the LOC method


    Zee Marthinus @

    Mask or a conditioner w oil..nt sime thing tht will dry the hair out..


    Alicia Hickman @

    Mane n tail detangler


    Jamila Sadiyah @

    Castor oil


    Jenele Chirenezie Phillip @

    Go back to the natural stuff … most likely they have low prosperity hair which means they need extra help getting and keeping moisture in. So medium heat is your bestfriend
    1) ALWAYS rinse with warm water it will help keep moisture of any product after for easy detangling
    2) You can warm up the conditioner of choice a little before conditioning hair or place a plastic cap on head for 20mins if u have time .
    3) 100% ALOE JUICE(1/2 water 1/2 juice) in spray bottle ,AVOCADO OIL for sealing and ELECTRIC HEATING CAP for soaking conditioner into hair is God for low prosperity or dull hard to handle hair

    Hope these tips helps… I use them and have never regret it… Good Luck


    Alicia Hickman @

    John freeda frizzease seum


    Melanie De Bruijn @

    Her hair needs proteïn. At first i wet my daughters hair throughly. Then i seperate her hair in different small pieces. I firstly put novwx black in it and comb it with a denman brush(check the type of hair, to see which type of denmanbrush you use best). At last I put proteïn stylinggel and gothrough her hair pulling downwards to get the hairshafts down. In the beginning you need to do this eveey day. I know it’s a hard work, but you won’t regret it i promise. After a few days you will notice her hair is soft and you can comb it vwry easy. Ow and wash it ones a week with conditioner. Don’t use shampoo! Only the first time get the cheapest shampoo to get the silicone out from other stuff you have been using, but after that only ones a week with only conditioner.


    Vanessa Deloney @

    I have 4c hair and grew up with this issue. I guarantee this product will work and you only need to use one small spray into your hands for each section working from scalp to ends( I section it into 4 parts). It’s kinda pricey but a little goes a long way and it’s good for the hair. They have different kinds but any work. Product is called “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in”. It’s well used by hair stylists. Hope you give it a try.


    Wanda Ajayi @

    Try buying aloe from the grocery store and use it as a prepoo then once you wash it make sure to use a good deep conditioner and leave in conditioner too…. moisturize as needed!!!


    Angela Desselle @

    Design Essential has a shampoo and conditioner that is amazing for natural hair. It not only detangles but softens and moisturizes as well. I love it for natural clients.


    Tiffany Berry @

    Detangle only in small sections while wet and saturated in conditioner.

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