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    Shawn Kayla Moore @

    I have 4c hair. And I do hair. Mostly my own. And never had a problem… time for sis to find a new profession… I’d also like to see her real hair…. ???? I’ll wait ????????????


    Teresa Jessie @



    Daphne Beans @

    Well, at least 4c’s don’t go bald in the middle???? and still have there edges


    Whitney Ellis @

    She has no skill . 4C hair braids the best ????????


    Tracy Johnsonwilson @

    But that 4c hair should come out like the picture nice thick braids that looks nice for a while maybe she should be braiding white people hair smh


    Olivia Nelson @

    Smh it’s harder to braid mixed hair it slips a lot 4c hair hold better and looks better braided. That person just needed a wash n deep conditioner


    Shaunte K S Halbur @

    Shm. Same shit different day with our people. I have been braiding her since I was a kid and both me and my oldest daughter have 4c hair texture and I have no trouble braiding or styling our hair.


    Linda Dulin @

    Ro Jenny Jacks there are lots of 4c hairs that with bald edges


    Ella Stellah @

    Thank you!!! A stylist once said a “pick-and drop” style ( that’s what we call it) that I wanted wouldn’t look good unless I texturized my hair a little. I did not get offended at all, she was honest and gave me an option or suggestion. I said no, and chose another style . I didn’t not interpreting it as her hating my hair or saying that my hair was ugly. It just might not look 100 % as I wanted it that’s all.


    Asha Watts @

    I’ve had a stylist tell my friend my 4c hair broke 2 of her combs. I’ve had a stylist out bobby pins in my suppose to be flat wrap cause she sais it wouldn’t lay right. I’ve had an Egyptian stylist ask me “What kind of hair I had”? In discuss, mind you all these times is when I was relaxed. I’ve heard ny hair was too course and brittle all my life????. An African braid stylist wanted to charge me $75 more!!!! I’VE BEEN SO DONE WITH STYLIST A LONG TIME AGO????. Learning my natural hair????????


    Asha Watts @

    I can relate


    Asha Watts @

    When I was a child it took my big cousin 3-4 days to braid my hair over summer breaks cause she said my 4c hair was cutting her fingers and cramping her hands


    Toni Tigrr @

    They wear hair from oversees. Talent can grip 4c and make it grow????


    Angela Broomfield @

    what!! 4c hair is the best to braid with!!


    Judite TheIsraelite @

    4C hair is the best to be honest. It has resilience ????????????????


    Brande Richmond @

    True, but there is no texture related reason that the pics in the thumbnail aren’t achievable. It isn’t necessary for her to be relaxed or mixed to get her hair braided in that style. So while she didnt specifically say 4c, it was implied by what she said accompanied by the pics she posted.


    Pebbles Calibeaty @

    If you do hair you can make it look any way you want it to look nappy or not


    Bath-sheva Yisrael @

    Her fingers stink anyway.


    Jennifer Cook @

    ANYBODY that thinks things like this about 4c hair needs to be punched in the throat! I do perfect braids on my 4c hair all the time! Some people are just assholes!


    Keithea Webb @

    This is NOT going to help her business ????

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