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    Tracy Beecham @

    Skip the gel and the heat. Keep that shit NAPTURAL!!


    Pauline Grant @

    Justin Blair ????????????????????


    Pauline Grant @

    Nakia Kiki Baldwin what skills?…..


    Nakia Kiki Baldwin @

    Pauline Grant I’m speaking in reference of styles etc. A good stylist will be able to braid any texture of hair and won’t complain about how thick/coarse the clients hair is.


    Danielle Wells @

    Shae Ayotan this ENTIRE POINT! ????????????


    Chrystel Asiama @

    Nicole I have 4c low porosity THICK hair and Eco Styler gel does NOT work!! Nor does the Argentine oil edge tamer????????


    Chrystel Asiama @

    *Argan Oil


    Nae Nicole @

    Agreed! Seems she trying to shame those of us with 4c hair.


    Doresha Blackwell @

    Jo Anna Understandable. Do what is best for you!


    Yonette Ikemi Mounsey @

    Danielle Wells no the video is about her reaction to someone’s post about it…worst part, it was a black stylist who said this????


    M Patrice Baker-Long @

    I have 3b/3c hair & I don’t care who braids it or how tight they braid it, it won’t last longer than 2 weeks. My hair unravels the braids & curls will be sticking out all over the braids. It’s a waste of money for me. Every hair texture has its pro’s & cons where styling is concerned.


    Oyin Ade @

    All Africans have 4C hair and our stylists always work it up so nice, Africans are the owners of cornrow styles, so don’t talk us down, just accept that you don’t have the skills to handle 4C hair


    Jessica Nelson @

    She’s trash if she can’t do it! But she want to call herself a Stylist!!! ????????????


    Yawa Tsagli McDonnell @

    I have 4c hair and I agree with her


    Patricia White @

    Doesn’t know WTF she’s doing so she blames the hair


    Brandy Gilliam @

    Uhhhhhhh that means she can’t do hair n her skills and knowledge of how to handle it are trash It’s as simple as a light blow out if you can’t handle it the texture.


    Shekera Sapp @

    It just needs to be conditioned and taken care of hair and scalp needs to be moisturized as well


    Ro Jenny Jacks @

    My hairs 3c , waist length , and I have all my edges. All hair grows best when it’s taken care of. You’re truth is a fallacy. Your statements are ridiculous.


    Oyin Ade @

    Say it loud, i don’t even let Americans touch my hair cos they will make us, Africans feel bad about ourselves with their bad attitude, not all though, but most, i rather stick to my African or jamaican hairstylists, they are the best


    Stephanie Kearse @

    4c hair is easier to braid (to me at least) maybe her skills just ain’t there ????


    Patricia White @

    Shaketta Singleton , lies, I wear braids A LOT…cornrows and micro braids..My hair isn’t raggedy and I have textured hair and don’t blow dry it. I let it air dry and braid it 24 hours later. My styles last a couple of months. All u have to do is wrap and keep it moisture..the end.


    Morgan Davis @

    She was childish ass fuck


    Johari Kafi @

    Ro Jenny Jacks stfu and stay focus we not talking about your thin azz hair.


    Keylee Love @

    Yes ma’am I agree I can not get weave braided into my hair on my edges because my hair is very soft and it comes out super easy!


    Ursula Rine @

    Chrystel Asiama none of that works for mine either. Most products that people have suggested to me actually flake in my hair…


    Crystal Reeves @

    Ain’t nobody checking for you.


    Diana Wood @

    Wtf..all our hair is beautiful..i have 3 b/c…..all my sisters hair is good..we got to stop hating


    Jerimone Tolliver @

    Her skills must be subpar.


    Pauline Cooper @

    You my dear are talentless because a good stylist can do it


    Morgan Chifamba @

    My 4c hair will never bow down to baby hairs ???????????????? it sounds mean but l agree with the stylist


    Christie Chanterelle-Zephyr @

    No. Stylist is trash.


    Jeralynn Williams @



    Jenni Pierre @

    NO YOUR’RE TRASH! Weak simple minded wanna be not worth the comment but fools like you need to be put on blast! I pity any hair you put your talentLESS paws on????????????


    Chrystel Asiama @

    Ursula girl ME TOO!!! I’m at wits on how to lay this beautiful mane of mine. #borntobewild


    Nina Brown @

    She trippin. 4c is perfect for braiding. If you know what you’re doing you can make it look exactly like that. Tf


    Valisa L Hilliard @

    That’s called she lazy and isn’t skilled at working with all hair types


    Tyesha Shan’e @

    ???????????? 4c braids look the best and last longer when braided properly


    Siobhan Boakye @

    I like what the lady said in the video.


    LaDawn Williams @

    I know an African lady that will braid any type; texture or length of hair…not everyone possesses this talent????????


    Erica Cole @

    She didn’t reject any hair type. And she didn’t say 4 c. She said she can not make one hair type look like the other.

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