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    Teshena Allen @

    Trash like her mama.. How rude????????


    Shyla Bennett @

    Perfect for it


    Lynnette Kyle Bradley @

    Latridney Lee. Totally agree


    Emmily Francis Joseph @

    I have 4c hair and it’s long and THICK. Every stylist I’ve ever had didn’t have a problem doing my hair. I keep it in braids because I’m lazy when it comes to me doing my own hair. But I pay and tip VERY WELL. So you are a trashy stylish. Period. BTW stylish call me asking to do my hair because I’m a good paying client!


    Savvy Stilettos Chromemc @

    Oh that was F’d up!!! Clearly she’s not a trained stylist cus i could make her hair look better than that pick. ????


    Erika Sicony @

    Put a hot comb to it and do it do it ????


    Shae Ayotan @

    Little young dummies always getting on social media hurting their lil want to be business talking crazy. It sounds really stupid saying you’re a braider but you only braid certain types of hair. You’re really not even a braider to be honest and you’re definitely not a business woman posting remarks like that.


    Mae Will @

    Some folks do and say anything for attention. Smh


    Estralita Givan @

    I definitely got mine


    La Toya Armani @

    Kayla Louise it is because it’s so thick it locks better it take forever for braids to frizz on 4c hair. “Mixed” or permed hair is frizzy by the time you start the next braid ????


    Justin Blair @

    A perfect example of black folk discriminating other black folk! Smdh! ????????????


    Monica Thornton Anderson @

    I have NEVER heard of this… thank GOD!


    Fatimah Lane @

    I refuse to give her ignorance any views. The absolute nerve of her.


    Malingha Lynette Nabukeera @

    What the hell is this trash ….idiot


    Sonya Moore @

    Pretty sure braiding originated on 4c hair. She either has no skills or is lazy. Her work in the picture is trash, her parting is horrible!


    Shaketta Singleton @

    Nicole Felice I was speaking generally about her having a preference, not about braids.
    And if a person with 4c hair is getting cornrows while a silk press won’t be required a blowdry definitely is or the braids will look raggedy quickly.


    Shaketta Singleton @

    Sonya Moore I can agree the skills could be tightened up.


    Nicole Felice @

    Uncultured swine ????????????. Omg I have to use that. But you are so right.


    Kween ISis @

    Yikes! I am offended. My hair is 4c and it can be quite the challenge to manage at times. However that comment is bad for her business.


    Belinda Jones @

    4c hair is the easiest to braid. Shes not a real stylist. Period.


    Candy Spice @

    she damn sure ain’t no stylist


    Rholanda Tucker @

    She just sucks as stylist….


    Angel Yvette @

    I actually think 4C hair is better for this style


    Mary May @

    Wow her ignorance is on another level! Meanwhile she has a whole horse in her head! She just sounds lazy. SMH


    Joy Lear-Bernard @

    That hair would look RICH braided


    Nae Nicole @

    ???? GARBAGE ASS STYLIST! A REAL one with real TALENT can do ANY type of texture hair. Renika Zackery is one that can round these here parts. The nerve……


    Renika Zackery @

    Nae Nicole wow, so unprofessional


    MsJaleesa Kirkendoll @

    Then why the f**k are you stylist then??? People can not help the way that they are born nor can do anything but work with what God gave them. If a person is a stylist and they make their customers feel like shit because of their hair texture, then they should take their trifling, no talent,
    RUDE, self entitled, bitchass and go sell chicken on the side of the road.

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    Tracy Beecham @

    That’s about it…


    Shae Ayotan @

    She probably has a strictly Facebook/Struggle business. They always talking about what hair they prefer and dont have a license no where. She probably one of the stylist that take ppl edges out.


    Danielle Wells @

    Don’t like styling 4C hair? Then you don’t deserve our money. To the level where I don’t even care to click on the video. Get your coins (and advertismet) someplace else.


    Kimberly Champion @

    she needs better braiding skills


    Eki Ag @

    Em 4c hair is the best hair for cornrows plus that style is so simple and will look just as nice on 4c hair. Some people need to learn to keep their ignorant narrow minded opinions to themselves. Then again if they don’t post their stupidity we won’t be able to weed them out. Plus the lady on the right has beautiful hair.


    Simone Gregory @

    How can you find out what your hair type is.i live in Birmingham, England and would appreciate any suggestions


    Natasha Edwards @

    I have healthy 4c hair


    Tracy Beecham @

    Skip all the gels and the heat. Keep ya shit NAPTURAL!!


    Kia Nicole Shackleford @

    If that’s the case then they wouldn’t be able to do children’s hair either.


    Nic Bertrand @

    Cornrows were made for 4C hair though. HER SKILLS are trash.


    Tracy Beecham @

    I’m glad this only pertains to your acquaintances…????


    Johari Kafi @

    Edges and the middle of their head. I’m just saying their hair grows the best. Period get mad cause that’s what some of y’all going to do anyway but the truth will set you free.

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