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    Vanessa Olszen @

    You learn to do 4c hair, your skills will be amazing on other hair types


    Cassandra Hervey @

    She probably a kitchen and front porch hairstylist ????????


    Sharon Jean @

    And you got your license from who/where?


    La Toya Armani @

    I wanna know wth her natural hair look like.


    Johari Kafi @

    Everybody I know with 4c hair got their edges.


    Ro Jenny Jacks @

    Johari Kafi I know some bald 4c’s . Bald edges can happen on anyone.


    Ruby Garner @

    I’m sure her NATURAL hair is 4c ????????????


    Markisha Walmack @

    That’s the best hair to braid


    Nakia Jankee @

    Bee Johnson ????


    Debra Nero @

    She isn’t a stylist.


    Nichol Yvette Stringer @

    I’m triggered af right now. Hair is hair. So if that stylist is willing to lose coins because she is an untalented and uncultured swine, more power to the next sister that can and will perform the services for 4c gals.


    Vanessa Olszen @

    Goodness ????


    Sheena N. Moore @

    Brienna Ash I have 4C hair, what kind of edge control have you found because the ones I’ve found my hair may lay down in the front for 2 hours and then it’ll curl right on up


    Brienna Ash @

    Sheena N. Moore I use ebin New York but I buy the extra mega hold and it works pretty well


    Renne Spruill @

    I actually prefer to braid 4c hair I also thought it was perfect for braiding especially cornrows


    MiMi J. Milano @

    Shaketta Singleton girl bye you sound stupid


    Shaketta Singleton @

    MiMi J. Milano and now that you gave your opinion on my thoughts I will be able to continue my life. ????


    Nova-Rae Costantino @

    I am cape verdian and white. I taught myself to braid because my daughters hair is the second picture. I cannot braid fine hair as good as my daughter’s but I can and have braided her kinky, dry and longhair as good as the first picture if not better. With out a blowout. What’s the reason you cant?


    Atiya Townes @

    She right, that stylist is trash for even coming out with that nonsense.


    Destiny Jean Delatorre @

    If you have to talk trash on another black woman’s hair type, you are trash and should dispose of yourself into the nearest dumpster.


    Soncerai Nikia Whittlesey @

    She’s trifling to even post that. I hope she never gets another client. Self hating ass.


    Hélène Gomes @

    Non sense!! If u are not able to do this kind of braids, give up! As a hair stylist,u have to know everything (well, let’s say “almost”)and how to handle many different kind of hair. That’s all!!


    Romanita Jones @

    Latridney Lee Right!!! I bet she has a head Full of some sort of fake hair that did Not grow from her head!! Self Hate Runs Deep!!!


    Dara Monestime @

    Gurl ????bye????


    Loleeta Monquette Cobbins @

    4c hair is perfect for braiding, and imo makes the prettiest braids.
    She must not know how to braid????????‍♀️


    Janine Ray @

    Then she’s not a good Stylist ????????????????????????


    CB Pleasant @

    Well then she needs another job…


    Ashleigh Sara Humphreys @

    I can braid 4c hair easy what kind of useless stylist is she. I actually find it’s the finest and most delicate hair as it can be transformed into any style. This is what you call self hate


    Sarah Amita Edwards @

    Girl this is so sad I swear smfh the way they talk about our hair textures Keylee Love


    Soozey Kooley @

    She suck because i can and do ????


    Chanel Sheppard @

    Coming from 4c her momma


    Sherley Gaie @

    Johari Kafi
    Whyyyyyy ma’am whyyyy????????????????????????


    Valerie Wye @

    Kayla Louise yeah I have 3c/4a my braids don’t last like my sister with 4b hair does ????


    Tiana Edmond @

    That’s the best hair to braid.. she just don’t have the skills to make it look good.


    Nicole Felice @

    Sheena N. Moore try Creme of Nature Argan Oil Edge Tamer or EcoStyle Gel Olive, those edges will stay down for days, especially with the EcoStyle gel.


    Sharon Gray @

    Means u have no skills sis….


    Melissa L Jones @

    So is that wet dog hair you call a weave on your head


    Jessica MrsAlpha Clark @

    She made it pertty clear that she doesn’t have the skill to do 4c hair “don’t expect me to make 4c hair look like mixed people’s hair” is what she said but there’s millions of hair stylist that can do just that so me and the majority of people on this post agrees she’s a shit stylist


    Nicole Felice @

    If you’re doing braids you don’t need a silk press. Any real stylist who does braids would know how to braid and slay 4C hair. This person made a post trying to shame someone’s hair when the problem is her skills (or lack of), not the customer.


    Che Renia @

    That person don’t know how to do hair

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