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    Alma Ruddock

    The actual discussion starts at around 5:20 in the video. I admit that this triggered me. smh What do you think?


    Latridney Lee @

    People with TALENT can tackle ANY texture of hair. 4C hair is perfect for long lasting braids!


    Ursula Jackson-Osborne @

    She is obviously looking for the STYLE and not for you to transform her hair to a different texture.


    Melanie De Bruijn @

    It took me 7 years 7 years! To learn how to braid my daughters 4c hair. But it’s possible, just have some patience


    Brienna Ash @

    She’s trash because my hair is just like that kinky 4c on the right and regardless if I go to my cousin braiding shop or an African hair braiding shop my hair gets slayed and the proper edge control exist for my edges. She’s just don’t have that many skills


    Minnie C Riley @

    Well she will lose a lot of business it’s alright she saved me a lot of time and money


    E Marks Laine @

    Well you can’t do hair because that looks exactly like my hair before and after.. I think you better step your game or get out of the business ????????‍♀️


    Kayla Janae @

    Then she is a horrible stylist! Where did the style originate from? What type of hair started the whole braiding in the first place?


    Brandy Hale @

    If you are a true artist it does not matter what kind of hair it is. You should be able to tackle any and all types of hair. You should be diverse


    Shaketta Singleton @

    I love how she isn’t a real stylist because she doesn’t want to work on that texture of hair. Just because she won’t doesn’t mean she can’t. Stylists are allowed to have a preference of the type of hair they work on , however they need to make sure they are in a salon where they won’t come in contact with clients who want the types of services they don’t want to perform. Or at the very least make sure the recptionist knows so they wont book you those services. Just because she is an African American stylist doesn’t mean she wants to spend 3 hours blowdrying and silk pressing hair, and she is allowed that. But just say you don’t do silk presses or natural blow outs don’t say it’s trash.


    Spencer Starr @

    Ya matha.


    Bee Johnson @

    She just upset cause her skills are lacking


    TL Solomon @

    You not a stylist if you can’t work with any hair


    Nakia Kiki Baldwin @

    A great stylist should be able to do any texture of hair, her styling skills must be ????????????????


    Kayla Louise @

    4C hair is the best hair to braid in my opinion lol plus it last a lottttttt longer


    Maria NaturalblkBeauty @

    I love my 4c hair and not to mention so many people would love to have it.


    Shay Jones @

    No her skills are trash


    La Toya Armani @

    All she gotta do is blow it out and use oil and gel. She ain’t a real stylist.


    Natashia Dominique Thigpen @

    La Toya Armani i was like what stylist never heard of a blow out? Maybe you need to ask God to humble you sis. It’s been done already.


    Regan Allen @

    or a hot comb like come on lol


    Sapphira Hayward @

    Anybody that knows how to do hair can do 4c hair. Truth is most just don’t want to. I have people that don’t want to do mine just because of my texture and thickness. It sucks too, but I still love my hair. Lol


    Tay Hendrix @

    Thats the truth i even went to wmn born and raised in Nigeria act like they never seen 4c or and act like it was to hard to do ????


    Verneile N. Thomas @

    So disheartening. Sighs…


    Sonya Moore @

    That means she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing


    Alison Brown @

    I hope that that post lost her a lot of business and gave her something to grow on. I would not want a person like that coming anywhere near my head.


    Naomi Yarbie Montana @



    Lina Jones @

    That means she really can do hair.


    Nichole Davis @

    She doesn’t have patience


    Patricia Gordon @

    4c hair has to be blown out first and product applied. Honey go to an african they will snatch that 4C hair to the gawds and your braids will be slayed.


    Camas Ncanywa @

    She basically trashed black people living in Southern Africa


    Regan Allen @

    Lol if she don’t know how she just don’t know how, she could’ve been nicer about it tho.


    SamiAm Church @

    The “stylist” needs to tighten up her skills. One of my daughters hair is that texture and I could do that.


    Karima Ramos @

    That’s awful


    Jo Anna @

    Why don’t we like locs?


    Kamisha Warren @

    who says we don’t?


    Jo Anna @

    Wig sales?


    Jo Anna @

    Kamisha Warren I just don’t see many of is choosing locs when 4c hair gets overwhelming.


    Doresha Blackwell @

    Jo Anna I think locs are pretty but I like to be versatile. I can’t still with one hairstyle for long lmao


    Jo Anna @

    Doresha Blackwell understood. I was like that until I realized how much I loved not touching my hair. Just leaving it in one still “sitting” state has helped my anxiety a lot. I have faux locs right now but I’m setting myself up to commit along with my daughter because there are too many reasons to discuss here. First one is I’m simply tired of all the attention I waste on my hair


    Vanessa Olszen @

    Latridney Lee yes! I have done 4c hair many times and I often tell them I’m jealous of their hair type because twists braids outs last so much longer.

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