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    Hello all. I’m hoping you can help me. I have been post relaxer since June 2011 and transitioned until October of last year. My hair is growing, but I am having difficulty with finding the right protective style for the winter time. My hair is not thick but its not fine either. I try putting in small two strand twists, but it comes out dreadful. When I do put twists in, I have to wear my knit cap when I leave the house; and when I don’t, I do a twist out or flat twist out 99% of the time. 98% of that time I have a scarf as a headband cause it just doesn’t do what I want it to do, so I’m hoping that someone will give me some good tips on how to put my hair into a protective style that looks good enough not to cover it up when I leave the house. I also wanted to know what is the best products to use for moisture retention year round.



    Hey Hon, Some great protective styles opinions for you could be braids(with or without weave), buns, and ponytails or puffs.Products used for great moisture retention could be a water,oil,and a cream.This is called the L.O.C. method. You apply water, then a oil of choice, finally a cream that has water as one of the first three ingredients. Loren



    It really depends on how your hair responds to the products, after my 2 year healthy hair journey I leanred that my fine/thick hair loves shea butter but not so much light oils maybe with the exception of coconut oil. I also learned that my hair thrives off of protecting styling. Right now I have mini twist (medium size) and though they look a lil flat and spacey due to the fine strands I still rock them and make it work. I’ll even wear beanies, fedora hats, or wrap up a scarf to accessorize the look. I find that doing this 3 weeks and the last week (mini twisout) helps me retain length and it is also easy to manipulate the hair through out the month for moisturizing and sealing (which I do every other day) using the L.O.C method. Moral of the story is that it took me about 2 years to figure out what works for my hair, so be patient it’ll take some trial and error but no one knows your hair the way you do. Also embrace this time into learning about your hair. I’ve read everything and watched everything (so it seems) and I’ve incorporated things here and there but there is not one regimen that’ll work for every one ya know, so appreciate this time in playing around with different products and what not.

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