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    Healthy Hair
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    My hair used to be thick and long.I didn’t have any problem with my hair until an year go. My hair began to shed and it began to get thin on the top and back. I cut my hair short and maybe it will grow back healthy and stronger. I also have thyroid problems and high blood which I am taking medicine for both. My hair is thin,fine,dry,limp and damage.I need something to make my hair grow,be strong and thick.I needs something to keep my hair up in humid and rainy weather.I really needs something that can hold curls in my hair even while I am wearing a cap.Any advice will be helpful.Thanks.:mad:



    Hi love,

    I have heard that blood pressure medication can thin your hair out but that is definitely not conclusive and only something your doctor can tell u.

    Growth comes from your diet rather than products , my advice would be to eat very healthy, and if you plan to try growth aids like biotin, check with doc first.

    You need to have a very consistent regimen that is focused on moisture retention. Check out the blog search moisture or LOC method and you will see a few articles on how to maintain moisture in your hair.

    Check with your doc though to make sure u aren’t experiencing any side effects.



    Aquiles Hortillosa
    @Aquiles Hortillosa

    Hair treatment is recommended for a manageable, healthy hair. Take note that pollution can damage your hair. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid sun exposure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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