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    Tajuana A Hammonds


    What Are Some of the best products for 4c texture hair??


    Yokimia Tuggles King @

    Jane carter solution nourish and shine


    Tajill King @

    Oddly enough, Lusters Pink Oil Moisturizer. It is like bursting a dam on your hair, it is an instant moisture infusion.


    Shanaira Webster @



    Wanda Pendleton @

    Blend mix or use as is


    Connie Williams @

    I mix caster oil and coconut oil. Microwave until warm and start from scalp to hair tip. This is the only thing I found that works on my daughter’s hair and keeps it from breaking. I keep oils in fridge for freshness.


    Michelle Denice Hop @

    Melanin hair care. I love it


    Jo Anna @



    Izwideopn Bogar @

    I use Cantu products along with coconut oil for extra moisture.


    Gina Nixon @

    I think that’s what my daughter texture is. I’ve tried everything. Just bought the design products. It doesn’t seem as dry and smells good So I’ll see.


    Gala A. Copez @

    Naturalicious line of products.
    join the group Naturalicious Nation to get all kinds of info, testimonials and 1:1 interaction with the founder, Gwen Jimmere who was the first Black woman to hold a patent on a natural hair care product.


    Brittney Notarandomword @

    Cantu leave in is pretty good. I’m using it with good results.


    Hope Venetta @

    Coconut oil has drastically changed my hair for the better.


    Barbara Dixon @

    Qhemet Biologics…online and in some stores. The best for 4c hair.


    Regina Carter @

    Meille organics honey and pomegranate is awesome its designed for 4c hair


    Patricia Frith @

    Cantu products and design essentials


    Teonia Giles @

    Vaseline and water. Never fails


    MsIsrael N Cop @

    As I Am hair products definitely


    Learn How To Braid @

    Water base soluble products.


    Azez Palmer-Lewis @

    There’s always help for the 4C hair and not mine.


    Micki Mathis @

    Water, castor oil, water based conditioner, flaxseed gel. Try to stick to natural products.


    Brittany Johnson @



    Qüeen Tee @

    Etae products olive oil and Shea butter. That’s what I use I’m 4c and my hair is 11 1/2 inches ????????


    Deborah Cooks @

    Me to


    Kween ISis @

    I heard mixing olive oil and coconut oil is great for the hair


    Carmelle Joseph @

    Clay washes bentonite or Rhassoul clay (mix with your favorite oils warm water and apple cider vinegar).deep condition I like tgin or aunt Jesse’s. Then twist hair set with the mane choice 24kt gold twisting gel.


    Brandi Jones Perry @

    Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner works wonders and is cheap! I use it as a leave in and follow with coconut oil for hydration. The trick is really pulling products through sectioned hair to get them worked in.


    Tiffany Green @

    I absolutely love the way her hair looks in this pic.

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