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    Hey, it’s me again I’m 5 months post releaxer and learning a lot about natural hair care. I took the advise of a friend at the beginning and starting treating my hair as if it was total natural already so for my hair is doing great I have not had much breakage, it seems like my hair is getting thicker by the day, I deep condition my hair with egg, mayo, olive oil 1 a month and use coconut and caster oil as my daily treatment, but I’m starting to notice my nature still feels dry, its shinny and look well oiled but not soft at ALL. My friend who’s 3 years natural suggested prepooing, but she doesn’t do the deep conitioning like I do. My question is if I prepoo do I still do the deep conitioning? Or is the prepoo a deep conitioning. My hair is finally doing great things for me I don’t want mess with me routine and make my slight problem wrost but I do know as more of my natural air comes in the problem can get worst. Please help



    Hi love, I am happy that you hair is doing well for you, to answer the pre poo question, doing a prepoo is just like a deep condition the only difference is it is done prior to shampoo. So say you did your egg mayo treatments before you shampoo your hair – that would be considered a prepoo. I dont know what she suggested you pre-poo with but from what you are saying you might have protein overload. egg – protein mayo -protein oil – just a sealant Even though I am an advocate for protein treatments you need to be able to balance it with something moisture based. (Mayo can be moisturizing but it has an abundance of protein as well) so if you do decide pre poo like your freind suggested, choose something that is completely moisture based, say a moisture based conditioner (first ingredient is water) other moisture agents are , honey, bananas, avocados or any conditioner that has a ingredient list that begins with water. You can pre-poo overnight and use a moisture retention shampoo the next morning, and condition as normal afterwards. I would suggest you do this once a month as well, so after 2 weeks deep condition with something moisturizing and after another 2 weeks you can do something protein based. That way you can balance your moisture and protein which will help your hair be even more healthy than it is now. let us know if this helps Petra

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