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    I stared my NHJ at the end of June because my hair was dull and thin. I have 1/2 inch of new growth, I have studied and read a lot about caring for my natural hair. I have the my regimen down to a tea: every wk pre poo with EVOO ,sham with Avalon organics, deep con with Mane n Tail, leave in Govinni oil coconut and water and air dry. I moisturize daily with Shea curl smoothie and oil and my hair is rough. Am I wrong Should I air dry.



    Hey love … I can’t say your regimen is wrong at all.. U might just need a bit of tweaking …

    I assume by rough u mean dry.. So I would make sure your shampoo is sulfate free.. Because sulfate a can be stripping.

    Use a moisture based conditioner ( first ingredient water)..

    U can add a humectant to your deep condition too like honey.. So your hair holds moisture longer … If u want you can make your pre-poo your deep condition adding the honey oil the conditioner .. Then shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo and condition as normal.

    Make sure you have a very hydrating leave in conditioner… The curl enhancing smoothie is great but it’s also a styler too… So maybe try cantu Shea butter and see how that works for awhile…

    **Also you can cowash instead of shampooing
    **add an egg to your pre poo mix just in case your hair is very porous

    Hope that helps love–


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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