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    Hi everyone! Ok so I’m in a pretty bad situation right now. My mother has officially banned me from airdrying my hair. Honestly I can’t blame her. On the day of my relaxer my roots were a tangled, matted mess. I couldn’t even get a comb through it. She and I assumed the reason for this was airdrying. For some reason I was really stupid and decided not to detangle my new growth when I was airdrying. Now before you say “well there’s your problem. Just tell your mom and everything will be fine” you need to know something. My mom was anti airdrying from the beginning so I can’t convince her to let me try it again. Which brings me to my question: Will I be able to grow my hair to waist length( I’m at an in between of shoulder and armpit length) If I can’t airdry? Are there any alternatives I can use that are less damaging than blow drying?



    hi hon, airdrying is the most ideal but not the only thing that you can do and still keep your hair healthy. I suggest trying a tension blowdry. I would still use heat protectant, and check out some videos on how to do it properly. I think that would be a great option, and also maybe setting your hair and drying it under a hooded dryer, so even if you braid the hair or if you choose to put in rollers, a hooded dryer, while it is still heat is much healthier that running a blowdryer through your hair … hope this helps Petra


    Alma Ruddock

    It may be to your advantage to watch some of these videos with your mother. She may change her mind once she sees that air drying can be done with pretty good results. Practice makes perfect!

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    Hi MickeyGirl43, I agree with the other ladies and also..towel dry your hair really well so that it’s not really wet when drying it. I use a turbie twists type hair towel when I wash my hair and it gets a lot of the water out..and I would detangle very well because whether you air dry or blow dry, if your hair is nicely detangled with good products then it’s a much easier process.

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    Hello! I totally agree with the other ladies and I think the airdrying works great and I have found that it is very healthy for your hair. With all styles that I do to my hair I airdry and my hair is very healthy.

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    Air drying is definitely the way to go. It is healthy for all hair types because you are not manipulating it with heat. Also you can try curly styles that might “hide” your visable new growth i.e. braid outs, twist outs, twist and curls etc.


    Alma Ruddock

    Hi Mickeygirl43. Honestly air drying is the best all round solution for relaxed hair but roller setting is also a pretty good alternative. You avoid the direct heat of a blow dryer replacing it with the more muted warmth of a hooded dryer which is healthier for your hair.

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