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    When I first decided I would go natural I did my hair in crochet braids for a whole year. I moved back to my home town in Minnesota a year later and I began wearing my natural hair. I was doing well with my hair regimine and I could tell because my hair was staying moisturized and I had my hair out in the winter season. Throughout that year I would say I was having a good hair year.

    Here are some of the routines I remember keeping up with during that year:

    – I washed my hair once a week:

    Pre-poo with conditioner and olive oil ( In that order)

    Sulfate free shampooed

    Deep conditioned

    Sectioned for twist out

    Leave in conditioner

    Olive oil

    Two strand twisted

    Next day bomb twist out


    -Moisturized as needed:

    Leave in

    Olive oil

    My hair flourished and this routine was so simple.


    The next year came and the dry winter was back but this time my hair was as dry as a dessert. I couldn’t seem to figure out why my hair was so dry. I was changing up my routine not on purpose but because I forgot what my hair liked in the winter and I also wasn’t keeping up with a hair routine like I did in the past. In panic I started trying a lot of different products. My hair was breaking off and I had a major set back.

    This year winter is back and this time I’m not going to let it damage my curls. I remembered what I used to do when my hair was healthy so hopefully this works, so far so good. Minor set back for a major come back.

    Moral of the story, never forget what your hair likes, don’t get lazy, and if you ever do go back to what you were doing or whatever routine you had when your hair was flourishing most.



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