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    ahfro baang

    Hi lovelies!


    Today I’m sharing how I achieve these heat-less, healthy beautiful curls using perm rods. I used two products in the process. Ors foaming mousse and CURLS twist n define cream.


    I started on freshly washed hair, but if you have finer density hair, it might be good to start on dry hair. I apply the foaming mousse first and follow up with the twist n define cream. I detangle the section to ensure the hair is perfectly smooth for the curls. It actually makes a big difference, too!


    Next, I coil the rods on a small section of hair, starting at the roots of the hair (near the scalp). I wrap the hair around the rod and use a little extra foaming mousse to ensure the hair sticks firmly to the rod.


    Continue rodding until your hair is complete.


    I allow the hair to fully dry before removing the rods. If you find yourself pressed for time, use a heat protectant on your hair (prior to adding the rods) and used a hooded drier.


    I used TGIN’s hair serum to separate the curls to avoid frizz. Separate each curl until you have the volume you desire and lift hair at the roots, using a wide-toothed comb or hair pick.

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