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    Hello, I’ve been transitional a year in March of this year. I lost a lot of hair postpartum pregnancy (I had my daughter in May 2010). It was really my hairline and edges that were affected. I decided not to relax my hair any longer March 2012. While my hair has gotten healthier and stronger, I’m not that happy with the growth of my very thin edges or hairline. I thought it was my age(39)and the fact that my dad lost his hair at a very early age. In reading, I realized that I don’t have to claim that. I decided to purchase Nioxin because my stylist said to go with that for thickening my edges back up. I want to know if anyone has used Nioxin and their feedback if any? Also, is an essential oil hair growth mixture a way to go as well?



    Hi love, I defin feel you on the shedding and the affect on the edges, I have the same issue and I have been massaging them daily with Castor oil, so far so good. As far as Nioxin goes, Ive heard great things but I personally have not used it. Lets see what others say. Petra


    Alma Ruddock

    I had some crazy postpartum shedding after my daughter too so I feel your pain! Personally at the time I was pretty new to my hhj so I didn’t really do anything but they grew back in eventually (thank goodness). About Nioxin. A cursory look at the reviews on Amazon tells me that some people used to think it worked great but they have recently changed their formulation and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect it once did. A few people are saying that it works though so I’m not really sure TBH. Having said that, if I did have another little one I would try a 4 pronged approach to growing my edges back in asap. 1. Caffeine source on the scalp with every wash like a green tea rinse 2. Using a hair growth shampoo/conditioner combo during regrowth for which I suppose Nioxin would fit the bill. 3. Definitely use essential oils mixed with castor oil massaged into the areas every other day. 4. Juicing like crazy to make sure I’m getting all the good stuff inside to support growth. It’s not a scientific solution but IMO it’s the one that gives you the best chance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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