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    i’ve been dealing with bad breakage due to a bad relaxer i got in decemeber 2012. i’ve gotten relaxers before but this one, for some reason, was the worst and since then i have not gotten anymore. the only time my hair stop breaking is when i get a flat iron (wash n set). this will stop the breakage for about 7-10 days. since 2013-2018 i’ve been getting non stop wash n sets cause i couldn’t figure out what to do.

    in jan 2016 i bought a hair mask from sephora, and it worked great. i used it once and my hair, in it’s natural state, finally stopped breaking. i stupidly decided to do the hair mask again, and got protein overload, and the breakage started again.

    i found a sheamoisture shampoo and conditioner that has zero protein, it does stop the breakage, for 2 days and then it starts again cause i get it wet in the shower, even when i wear a shower cap. i’ve even tried skipping a shower to avoid breakage.

    please help me! 🙁


    Antoinette Hardy @

    It is really hard to say based on the information given. It could be that the size of comb teeth that you use is too small and brush is too harsh. Try using only fingers to handle your hair.


    Brenda Marshall @

    Do you keep your hair moisturized?prep shampoo,basically condition before you shampoo,try egg yolks and mayonnaise,wrap your hair in saran wrap and let it sit for a half hour,then shampoo.are you eating a good diet,vegetables,fruit?drinking lots of water


    Antoinette Hardy @

    does her hair loc easily? What type of texture of hair does she have?


    Antoinette Hardy @

    How does water get into your shower cap?


    Ay Dee Em @

    Lord, it’s like her hair is allergic to water. Sounds like she needs to see a trichologist. Seriously. What she’s describing is not normal.


    Mel Fessahaye @

    Shave it off & start again. Big chop no more relaxer


    Alma Ruddock @

    To me it sounds like your hair is super weak.I remember that my sister had super weak relaxed hair that broke when it was in the same vicinity as water. Long story short, we tried to mitigate it with hard protein treatments along with some moisture treatments trying to get the balance right but it couldn’t be saved. She ended up going natural. In your case it looks like a clean slate may be in order for you too. Even if you want to carry on relaxing, you may want to choose gentler methods like texlaxing to avoid this happening in the future. hth

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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