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    My daughter has very soft and managable hair. As of now, all I do is wash and condition it weekly and set it in about three or four ponytails using twister bows without the metal parts in the middle. I plait the ends and secure them with barrettes. I moisturize her hair with a Kids Silk Elements product and I use a soft boar brush to make everything neat. I rarely ever use a comb. The main problem I’m having is how dry her hair becomes throughout the day. I’m fairly new to my hair journey, and all of the information I have been learning is for relaxed hair. My daughter is natural though. Should I be sealing her hair with an oil after moisturizing daily? And, by her only being three years old, should I only be using the products geared towards children? Or would it be okay to use other products? (Of course being mindful of ingredients) Also, what can I use to clarify her hair because I suspect product buildup sometimes? A scarf rarely stays on her head at night, so I purchased her a satin pillowcase.



    Hi hon, you are doing everything right for baby girl, and you are right, you need to seal the moisture in her hair to make sure it stays moist. She is so young so like you said, watch the ingredients, I use coconut oil for everything on my sons hair, before i shampoo it i put coconut oil in it, and after we are done with shampoo and everything i put a little more in it. About the buildup, i dont know much about the kids silk elements,I googled it briefly and i didnt see any cones in it but it may still cause some buildup, for my son I use a little bit of the Trader Joes Nourish spa conditioner as his leave in conditioner… he is 5 months old so I dont use alot of stuff and try to stay as all natural as possible.. For clarifying the hair, most children shampoos have sulfates in them and that does all the clarifying it should….but in addition to that if you are not careful it could strip the childs hair of moisture as well (thats why I use the coconut oil before I shampoo). You can try an apple cider vinegar rinse but because she is three I am not entirely sure, Alma will weigh in, she has a little girl as well. We will see what she says… Hope that helps in the mean time Petra


    Alma Ruddock

    I’ve got a 3 year old little girl too so I completely concur with the satin pillowcase idea. At that age, it’s the only thing that’s likely to protect their hair at night! lol Hair products geared towards kids are usually a marketing ploy IMO. For instance, the shampoos will tend to be ‘gentler’ than regular ones but as we shouldn’t be using any harsh sulfates on our hair regularly anyway, if the products you already have are good quality (no red flags) then they are perfectly fine to use on her hair. Don’t worry too much about her hair drying out a little as the day goes on, it’s what natural hair behaves and does not necessarily imply that there is something wrong with it! I would highly recommend sealing with oil after moisturizing however because the moisture stays in longer but honestly I would count on re-moisturizing every single day as the norm. You could also try sealing her hair with a heavier cream or butter (eg whipped shea butter) which will keep her hair softer for longer but my own daughter has very fine hair which does not do too well with heavy butters. Build up is only a problem if you are not shampooing her hair regularly. My daughter’s hair gets a wash every week to 10 days with a sulfate free shampoo and in spite of all the butters, creams and pomades that she gets on her hair, it’s never had build up issues. But if you feel that it needs clarifying, go for a very cleansing sulfate free one or a gentle sulfate containing one.

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