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    Hair Designs By Felicia

    We all have experience some sort of  hair damage. It has become more frequent for black women. We wear our hair in so many different hairstyles. Wearing these hair styles like: braids, sew-ins,and wigs to long can cause damage to your hair.

    Being a Licences Hairstylist. I am always giving out healthy tips to my clients on how to care for their hair between hair appointments.

    Here are 5 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair

    1. Have a professional clip off dead hair and/or split ends.  (Notice I said Clip Not Cut)

    • By doing this, will give you a good visual on where hair needs to be.

    2. Start using sulfate free shampoo.

    • Moisturizing Shampoos are great way to start putting moisture back into your hair.
    • Sulfate Shampoos tends to strip natural oils from hair and make your hair dry and brittle.
    • Sulfate Shampoo should only be USE ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH. 

    3. Use a good Protien Conditioner.

    • Once you apply a proteing condition, let it sit under a drier or steam drier without a plastic cap until the protein gets hard. This will strengthen the hair with the protein.

    4. Moisturizing Conditioner should  be applied to hair. Once applied put on a plastic cap and get under hood drier for 10 mins. If you don’t have hood drier, leave the plastic cap on for 20 mins.

    • MC improve hair texture
    • MC help reduce breakage and split ends.

    5. Over night moisture.

    • Over night moisture is a hair product that is applied to hair at night and hair is wrapped in a silk scraf.
    • The next day the results are amazing. You will definitely see the difference.

    Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog.  I hope my info was helpful to you.

    If you any questions please do not hesitate to message me. (Felicia)

    I will follow up with a my 5 must have favorite hair prodoucts.

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