hair shedding

Easy DIY Remedies For Controlling Hair Fall Immediately

Your hair is falling out more and more every day — what can you do to stop it? Whatever remedies ...
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How Dandruff Could Be Causing Your Hair Fall And Two Ways Sea Salt Can Help

Dandruff — it is probably one of the most annoying hair conditions, if not downright embarrassing especially when we have ...
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woman with long hair

Getting To The Root Of Thinning Hair

Do you think your hair lacks the density it once had or do you experience more hair shedding than the ...
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Could Your Anxiety Be The Cause of Your Dry Scalp?

Bad nerves and dry scalp; could the two possibly be affiliated with one another? Its an interesting concept and one that ...
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Treating Scalp Problems Using Two Natural Alternatives

Treating Scalp Problems Using Two Natural Alternatives

Many find wearing protective styles a challenge due to scalp conditions that cause discomfort during warmer months. Some have been ...
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4 Routine Things You Do That Just Might Be Breaking Your Hair

Some people will argue that natural hair is healthier just because it is natural. But natural hair is not always ...
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smelly hair

Does Your Hair Smell? – How To Avoid Bad Odors Coming From Your Hair And Scalp

I am not one to gossip but I do have a funny story I would like to share. Maybe it ...
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woman holding milk and fruit

How To Combat Hair Loss On A Fully Raw Vegan Diet

For those of you who do not know what being fully raw vegan is, it is simply choosing to eat ...
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Vit E

Is Your Conditioner A Dud? Add One Or More Of These 6 Things To Enhance It

I think it is quite insulting for me to drive all the way to Target because I cannot find ‘the ...
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sad woman

Do You Suffer From Trichotillomania? – Everything You Should Know About The ‘Hair Pulling’ Disorder

Do you pull your hair out? Well if you are thinking that you might have a problem you just might ...
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The Middle Of My Hair Is Not As ‘Soft’ As The Front And Sides How Do I ‘Fix’ It?

There was a point in my journey when I genuinely believed that the middle of my hair was permanently damaged ...
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5 Things You Need To Do Immediately When You Discover That Your Hair Is Breaking

So you are in the bathroom looking high and low for your denman brush that seems to always leave the ...
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