What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again With Your Hair?

What if you had to start over again

Recently, a friend of mine came to me for hair advice. She expressed her frustration after having tried everything recommended for her hair at the beauty supply store. However nothing seemed to work.

She had massive hair loss, and her hair line was barely there. She explained that her hair felt dry and brittle most of the time. She sent me a picture of her hair; and it was a sight to be seen (putting it lightly). She claimed to be doing ‘protective styling’ by braiding and weaving so that she could rest her hair while transitioning.

She failed to realize that these ‘protective styles’ might not be protecting anything at all. Instead, they caused her pain and agony. Her scalp and hair were so damaged from the pulling of braids and weaves and she was not properly caring for her hair while she was wearing these styles. She had no choice but to grab the scissors and do the ‘big chop’.

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About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for BlackHairInformation.com. Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog www.glamnaturallife.com. I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.

About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for BlackHairInformation.com. Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog www.glamnaturallife.com. I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.


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I would cry reeealllly hard and long. If that is what I’d have to do, I’d forget about having length and keep a twa. Only because that would be my fourth time in two years regardless of my regimen. I am on Thyroid meds and have to take a Vitamin D pill due to lack of a thyroid (it was killed a few years ago by radiation). Now that my hair has finally grown and I’m almost to goal I am excited – APL. Just today, I was contemplating a big chop because this weekend I saw where my hair on the right just in front of my ear and on the left, just behind the ear has broken off to ear lobe length and I don’t know why. Two weeks ago my hair started breaking profusely and I tried everything to get it to stop (protein, moisture, AV/Water mix) and nothing. I checked a long strand that fell on my bed covers this morning and the strand was strong and I had to really pull in order to break it so I know it doesn’t need protein. While reading the article I thought about my regimen and the only thing I changed was my pre-poo step. I combined my pre-poo product with my DC products and now thinking about it that is the only thing that has changed. This week I won’t do the pre poo and see if that will make a difference in the breaking. In the end, if I had to start over, I would do exactly what I said in the beginning – cry really hard and long then go back to the twa with malice. no lol, just smh sadly.

Karen Baker
Karen Baker

Oh I have many, many too many times and I decided at this go around, going completely natural was my saving grace! I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I had a Jheri Curl and loved it! When I would blow dry my hair and curl it with a warm curling iron, my hair was past my shoulders and I was in heaven! Well I messed that up by throwing in some hair dye and my hair started breaking off! I made matters worse by perming my hair relentlessly and damaged my hair to the point I started wearing weaves or wigs. I did not take care of my hair properly and learned the hard way. I then adopted just wearing my hair in braids with extensions and discovered my hair grew, but, lack of having a hair regiment caused my hair to dry out, get split ends and it was just a mess. I had no choice but to cut it!

I made up my mind to get “serious” concerning my hair and scalp, by watching You Tube Videos, checking out websites concerning how to manage, treat and correctly style my hair and I have learned a lot. I begin reading the ingredients of products I was using and realized some of them did more damage and I threw them away and incorporated “natural ingredients” such as water (aqua) first, using jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil and other essential items, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin and avocado etc.,. I also learned that mineral oil and petroleum clogged the hair roots and just “sat” on your scalp. No moisturizing or healthy attributes for the hair or scalp. I carefully listened to other women who spoke of various essential oils for their hair, understanding that I had to have a hair regiment, correct diet, exercise and rest, drink plenty of water, untangling my hair with my fingers, stop manipulating my hair with this style or that style, use less to no heat, ensuring that I learned how to do pre-poo, hot oil treatments, deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment, keeping my hands out of my hair, closely examine my hair by looks, the texture, the feel, the way it moves etc., taking time and patience with my hair and learn to appreciate what I have and be grateful. And tying my hair up with a satin scarf or bonnet.

I went natural over a year ago and I love what I have learned from other women, the essential oils I use on my hair and how my hair responds, the advice and suggestions given on this forum and I am excited about my hair. Sure I have a long way to go to get my hair back past my shoulders, but this time I am using common sense verses vanity. I find myself at ease and more confident each and every time I come to this site and I’m still learning from others and I truly like that. I have no intentions of using chemicals again in my hair and I like the natural look, it’s less time consuming (at least for me), I enjoy looking at my natural curls and love the feel of my hair! I really don’t want to mess this up and start over! I cried for days when my hair fell out due to my own stupidity, this time, I will be patient, consistent and encourage myself and others what I am doing to get “my hair” back!


I have had to start over a couple of times mostly because I wasn’t caring for my hair properly. I have had to learn so much about caring for natural hair. I also had to dedicate time to taking care of my hair. Thanks to blogs like this one that are so informative my hair growth and strength has improved dramatically.


I am in the middle of not knowing what to do. My hair was growing well until I tried one of the popular hair growth vitamins. Once I stopped my hair broke off all the way to not being able to even tug; that only happened to the crown of my head. I am left with a clown hair style with hair on the sides and back. I don’t want to cut it off because the only way for it to look half way decent is to go bald – not going to happen. For now, I am wearing a weave on top and sewed one track along the back and sides to help blend in the top weave. I have received numerous compliments on the look and even had some ask that I do their sew ins. I don’t think I could start THAT low again, too devastating for me.


I just recently am starting all over again. 2 years ago I shaved my head bald to go natural. 2 months ago I shaved it again down to 3/4 of an inch. I did it because of damage, breakage, tangling, splitting, and dryness issues that I had with my hair. I didn’t know what else to do. I was bummed about having to cut my hair again, cuz I REALLY wanted to grow my hair out. The short cut really isn’t my favorite look on me at all. I much prefer how medium to long lengths look on me. Plus I hate not being able to do different styles with my hair. But at the same time, a fresh cut is definitely what my hair needed to take away all the damage. I think this time around I’ll have better luck with my hair. I plan on eventually trying out the Maximum Hydration Method. I think It can really save my hair from all the problems it had before. Hopefully 3 to 4 years from now I have the long, healthy hair that I’ve always longed for.


I’ve had to BC more times that I’ve stopped counting 🙁 I have an auto immune disease that attacks my follicles. I big chopped last time Nov. 2013 and my hair was coming along well until I decided to texturize it with a mild relaxer. When that went ok and after completing my cortisone shots, I decided to fully relax my hair with the new Creme of Nature Eden relaxer which was a major mistake on my part. Now my hair is falling out badly and no matter what I try, I can’t stop it. My hair is kinky and coily when natural and I don’t like the look on me also being in my late 40’s has changed my hair. I will try to transition but if it comes to doing a BC will go back to wearing wigs until some length is obtain. I feel like a failure because my hair and scalp are trying to tell me that my relaxed hair days are well behind me now.

Heya There Delilah Grant

Chop chop, I’ve started over three times already lol

Pamela Boykin

No relaxer

Ca Bnb

I would shave it once again !! Already did and I loooved it !

Rivian Jones

I would love for you to do a post on women who transition back to relaxed hair. Are women who are pregnant and experience a hair texture change while having relaxed hair.

Joycelyn Cannon

Big chopped two years ago after being relaxed for years, best decision ever 🙂

Pamela Smith

Big chopped in April this year and have yet to let it grow. Seem to love it short for some reason. I’ve cut it twice and so far, don’t see me letting it grow too much longer than it is right now

Carmella McCoy

I’ve chopped 5x. I’m not planning to start over again.

Mahogany Tolbert

Mad as hell

Gia Danylle

Re-chop! I’ve done it 3 times. Lol

Allison Thompson

I’d be sad, but I know my hair do much better. I’m sure it’d be back in no time.

Rosalind Green

Big chopped from relaxed hair ten years ago; wore dreadlocks for five years then big chopped again five years ago. I have remained loose natural since. If I had to start over again. ….oh yeah in a heart beat!!!

Cutie Jackson

No big deal. I’d do it all over again!

Deanna Merritt Ross

Your fro is fab!!!

Cutie Jackson

Thank you but that’s my DIY wig, channeling Ms Pam Grier.

Visit the link below to see pictures of my hair.


Desiree Abraham

I wouldn’t braid as much

NaturalMadam Carroll

I would for sure. To have healthy natural hair yes yes I would

Sofia Lauren Williams

I’m thinking about it.

Sasheika Stewart

Things happen in life that you have no control over. If I had to start over with me hair, I would just at it and say to myself as just hair so I would just embrace the journey again

Molly Reeves

I did it about 3 yrs ago. It was sooo liberating… I was no longer a slave to my hair! I didn’t realise how much stress it was causing me trying to hang on to damaged long hair, until I didnt have the stress anymore.

Erica Boyd

I would scream

Torkwase Burts

I would jump off a building

Krista Kinchen


Brittney Muñez Williams

I have, twice! Only because i love to change my hair so much lol

Unothando Baartman

I would do it again

Sherry Dailey

I did and my hair is gorgeous!

Tiffany Umm Maryam Watson

Seriously I would cry bc I worked so hard to get where I am now. I know people say its only hair but my hair and I have a love hate relationship and I would hate to lose it.

Mitzi LC Anderson

I would try sisterlocs or just be more patient with its loose state. But I’m 3 years into my locs already so I don’t plan on starting over any time soon

Kashmere Noel

I think starting over is a common part of the journey for a lot of people. For me it’s just been part of the struggle. Even if you just do a semi chop rather than a big chop. I hope I’m on my last journey now lol, things are going well so far this time, I think I’ve finally got my hair down

Latisha Cuban Pete Heiwajima

I’m done. F**k it. I’m wearing wigs forever . I’m gonna be the Grinch about it my whole life too

Deondra Davis

I didn’t big chop, so I would cry…Lol

Deanna Merritt Ross

I did the big chop. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The only reason I haven’t is bc my husband loves my Afro.

Deanna Merritt Ross

The girl in the pic looks like Trina Braxton.

Yawnecie ImsoOvait Clark

I just did and it was the best decision I have made but I need to start looking up some good hair care regimens!!!

Kelly Young Hunt

Stick with the hot comb. I get lazy about pressing and will use a texturizer to make blow dry straight easier. Plus occasionally I like a curly fro

Kelli Mcghee

had to do the big chop way to much because of hair weaves

Tamika Murrell

I’d do it again and do a better job of enjoying each phase.

Malakah Angellia Gladston

I LOVE your hair!

Tamika Murrell

Thank-you so much!

Portia Motsage

Freak out!!

MomofAngels Colledge

I might like it!!

Mel Starr

Never Chemicalized it. Aka Relax

Caroline Maria Sawyer-Anderson

I don’t care. Did it plenty of times from relaxers to natural back to relaxer because I didn’t know how to style it to big chop to dreads relaxed again natural to stay but no bleaching this time.✌️

Kivernia Joseph

No chemical

Malakah Angellia Gladston

Ummm….just start over.

Stephanie Montalvo

No biggy. Just hair 🙂

Verniece Mingo

I big chopped and I love it! Now im almost 6mths.

Fallon Johnson

Just cut all mine again. I like to try dif styles.

Brittney Amera Cruz

I refuse to start over I was forced to 3x with out knowing it. I went for a tape up and trim walked out with way less hair. She stated all of my perm wasn’t gone. After the second chop I should have lefted her with no payment SHE did my first chop smh. I still don’t like being natural but I think once it reaches the length I’m striving for I’ll like it I’m not going to give up.