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Naturally NikeNiké (NaturallyNiké)

Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed? 100% Natural

What’s your story, how did you get to where you are? Well I should start off by saying that I didnt make a conscious desicion to transition. I never even heard of “natural hair transition” until I joined forums like BHM, and LHCF. Since day 1 of my Iife, I always had a head full of hair. I started relaxing around 9/10 yrs old (after begging my mother) about 2 times a yr. Over the years from getting wash and sets every two weeks religiously my hair started to lose it thickness and
length. It wasnt untill I was 17/18 yrs when I decided to STOP relaxing my hair,but even then I kept up with wash n sets, and wore straight weaves meaning had to press all the time. My hair was suffereng badly.
Around Feb/March 08 I got my hair cut into a bob which was technically my BC. I kept it weaved up until June 08, the summer I finally decided to rock my natural hair and begin my HEALHTY HAIR JOURNEY, and its been great every since….

Naturally NikeWhat is your regimen at the moment? When its cold out, I have a weekly regimen. Every Sunday, I cleanse with a gengle SLS &SL free shampoo,oil rinse, and then DC with steam….

During the summer I definately start cowashing a few times a week and wear wash and go styles more, but I stay consistent with my weekly regimen…

And your favourite product? I have a few…

My first is V05 Passion Fruit Smoothie Condtioner, which I use as a leave in. It, it light,and leaves my hair super soft and smooth to the touch….

Second is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I can use it in pretty much anything, my hair can never get enough of it, and it must be extra virgin…

Third is Jamaican Black Castor Oil, my hair likes castor oil, but it LOVES JBCO…I use it to seal mixed with a lil EVOO, but even alone w/o no other product in it JBCO leaves my hair is super soft, and shiny….

Fourth is Silicon Mix Deep Treatment, I absolutely love this DC, I am currently loving Lekair Cholesterol too, but no DC has ever been able to penetrate my hair like these two….

What’s your signature style? My signature styles are braid and twist outs. I love big hair, and these two styles give it to me…

I also love different kinds of updo’s…

What is the best tip you have learned to protect your ends? Keep hair stretched, to prevent it from tangling, and knotting upon eachother.

Moisturise and seal atleast daily, or when needed.

DC DC DC!!! this keeps hair moisturized from within….


Any links you would like to share? Here is the link to my youtube channel.
Its been a while since ive done videos.I am currently with out a camera, but as soon as I get a new one , I will be back!!!

For frequent updates, visit my fotki, it shows my healthy hair journey from the beginning to now. . .


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