Solange Explains In An Interview With Beyonce What The Clips In Her Hair Mean As Seen On Her Album Cover Art

This week Solange was featured in Interview Magazine and she chose to be interviewed by her sister Beyonce. The interview was pretty dope and it mostly spoke about Solange’s recent album hit “A Seat At The Table” touching on some childhood memories as well. I read the whole thing and when Beyonce asked Solange about […]

“Screaming Bloody Murder Is Still Her Forte” – How I Cope With My Child’s Wash Day Routine

Every time I meet a parent with a kid who has curly hair, I ask them “how is your child’s curly hair routine?” Some respond that it’s easy and they are very successful in keeping their child or children preoccupied while washing and detangling their hair. Others respond, it’s difficult, my child runs around the […]

New Year’s Eve Hair – Everything You Need To Consider Before Deciding On A Style

Holidays and hairdo’s. Hair for Christmas and the times during the holiday season spent with family and friends is a lot different than New Year’s Eve hair. Sitting around with family, watching football, doing the JuJu on that beat challenge and lounging isn’t the environment for you to be worried about whether your contour is […]

Stylist Removes Her Clients Weave After 9 Months of Consistent Wear

A couple months ago [email protected] on Instagram had the daunting task of removing a woman’s weave that was left in her hair for 9 months. According to the post, the client was disabled suffering from a broken arm and could not remove the weave which was left in even after the arm had healed. This was […]